During the hearing, lobbyist Tyler Wilkinson-Ray of the Necrason Group in Montpelier said his client, Gun Sense Vermont, would need to look further into a proposed amendment. The amendment, according to Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Sears, D-Bennington, did not change the scope of the bill but incorporated changes from several stakeholders….

….Nonetheless, Wilkinson-Ray said Gun Sense Vermont would need to explore the implications.

“We need to get national expertise on this before we can approve it,” Wilkinson-Ray said.

Sears appeared to be surprised that Wilkinson-Ray wanted time to study the changes.

“So you have to get a hold of the national organization? Is that your testimony?” he asked…..

….“Oh, wow. Wow. I can’t believe you just said that,” he responded. “I think we should take a five-minute break and you should check with your bosses and if you’re sure you want to say that this is not an honest effort.”

via Bickering erupts over motives on gun control  : Rutland Herald Online.

The extract above happened in Vermont’s Judiciary Committee meeting last Thursday. Gunsense Vermont has claimed to be a 100% grassroots organization when faced by accusations that they were nothing more than sock puppetry by Michael Bloomberg.

Go over VermontWatchdog and read more about this and listen to the audio of the exchange.

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