That is some fucking bullshit.

The term groomer has become a useful catch-all to describe the people engaged in a combination of activities aimed at children, indoctrinating them in social, civil, sexual, and moral behaviors that are antithetical to traditional successful American values.

It’s not only pedophilia.  Grooming includes teaching CRT and racial essentialism, promoting Socialism or anti-Capitalism, gender confusion, etc.  It’s any form of child indoctrination.  Grooming kids to be radical Leftist activists, not just sexual victims.

The Left hates this because they know it’s accurate.

Comparing it to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an antisemitic misdirection.

The Protocols were a fabrication of the Czar’s secret police.

Everything we call grooming us put there.

Just look at the Twitter feed Libs of TikTok.

There are teachers in Florida threatening to quit if they can’t talk to their kindergarten kids about their sexuality.

That’s not a Right Wing fabrication.  They are admitting what they do.

This horseshit misdirection lets guys like Kristol accuse anyone who calls out grooming of being an antisemite.

We Jews are not your grooming shield you fucking asshole.

This Jew doesn’t abide groomers or groomer supporters.

I am a proud Jew and a proud anti-pedophile and I will call out grooming when I see it.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Groomer supporter defends groomers with false accusation of antisemitism”
  1. It just goes to show you how much the political landscape has changed with Trump. Trump comes out as an enemy to the establishment, gets elected, they go after him, and in the process so-called conservatives like Kristol and Stephen Hayes are now outed – at the very least as big government establishment republicans, or as pkoning noted – maybe socialists. I remember them being prominent voices against the Obama admin. Biden is 10x worse and they don’t say much anymore.

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