I’m not quite sure how you can as an individual care about students, but as a group not do so. — Paul Koning

There is study of people as a group that is very successful. We know how people, in mass, will respond to different stimuli.

This is one of the reasons that mobs are so dangerous. They react as a “mob” and not as individuals.

Some of the worst mass casualty events in our recent history have come about because of mob mentality.

Look at the doors of your home, the screen door, if any, opens outward, the main door opens inward. Now look at the majority of business doors. They open outwards. This is so universal that people will insist on pulling on business doors that open inwards, even with signs.

This is because of that mob mentality. When an individual is trying to exit and needs to pull the door open, they will do so, not issues. The people behind him will give them room to do so.

In a mob event, the people in the rear will push forward, causing the people in the front to be pushed forward, making it impossible to pull the door open. This leads to crush deaths at the front. The people in the rear are then trapped.

Unions are controlled mobs. The people at the top manipulate the lower down, and they use mob manipulation to accomplish these things.

What this means, is that good teachers, and there are many of them, will sacrifice their time, their emotions, and their money to help their students. Many of those teachers purchase extra supplies for their students. Spend time out of contract hours to help students. Will invest their emotions in the success of their students.

This is the individual acting as an individual.

I listen to the complaints of teachers. One of the huge issues today is safety in the classroom. I’m not talking about “school shootings”. I am talking about out of control students.

Every year, one or more of the elementary school teachers is injured by a k-5 student seriously enough to require a trip to the hospital.

Every week, a classroom is taken over by a student and the classroom is evacuated for the safety of the other children.

Every day, there is a story of another student who is holding a class or school hostage. I’m not talking about nationwide, I’m talking about a single school.

So it was time for contract negotiations. The biggest issue I’ve heard from any teacher is classroom safety. Instead of talking about classroom safety, the union was thrilled they got another pay raise. As were the teachers.

As far as I can tell, not a single teacher has bothered to ask, much less demand, that their union work towards a safe working environment for their members.

They are afraid of “rocking the boat” or “the union can’t help”.

This is mob mentality. The union isn’t willing to do battle for the students and the safety of their members, they just want more dues, they want more money. The teachers hear they are getting another pay raise and are happy.

I despise what unions have become.

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By awa

7 thoughts on “Group Think”
  1. this “mob mentality “ has effected every day life.. crime increases and the mob collectively shrugs and says nothing we can do… while some of us shout SHOOT THE FUKKERS!! imagine if We the People stopped putting up with crime and handled it. crime would move to where blue balled biden sucking liberals control things… the biden administration shuts down petroleum industries and the mob shrugs and sucks the gubmint teat…America has become PT Barnums circus.. as long as they have a teat to suck and free food they shrug.. time will tell..

  2. The Chicago Teacher’s Union demanded that police be removed from the schools because of ‘racism’. Union membership is mandatory in IL.

    They’re the ones w/ dozens of schools at ZERO percent reading and math levels.

    They;re also the ones that backed the disaster that is the current mayor.

  3. I’ve been told this many times over the years:

    “The presence of a Union is a sign of bad and or poor management.”

    The first time I heard it, it was from a local electrical contractor, (but fairly large, for our area,) and the IBEW had been trying to unionize his shop for years and was always unsuccessful in doing so.

    Why? He paid a fair wage, had a good medical plan, got good deals on retirement systems like 401ks, and was one heck of a nice guy to ALL his employees, but didn’t put up with crap from ANY of them. He was very family oriented and easy to work with if you had some emergency family issue.

    If he had a ‘problem child’ deliberately raising cain, they didn’t last long and his other employees appreciated that.

    In short, the union couldn’t get a foot in the door and the reps were always asked by the employees, ‘Why should I cough up money to you every month for dues, when we are treated well, are already getting scale and equivalent bennies?’

    1. That quote of course ignores the question of laws. If union membership is voluntary, then there is some validity to it (give or take social pressure issues). But in close shop environments the quote is nonsense at best and arguably dishonest.

  4. Unions exist because of Greed. Greed produces victims, which results in a joint retaliation or individual subservience. If ‘abuse and suffering’ of the victims escalates enough, they combined resources and resist. When unions first began their mission was righteous, but as always has been the case in human history, righteousness tends to erode to eventually become the very thing that spawned it in the beginning.
    Human Weakness cannot be killed with a gun. Today one must decide which Evil Greed they want to engage in, which usually results in siding with the one who takes the least or gives them what they want the most. Some just want violence and retribution against the greater injustice…..as they collectively have been influenced to view the situation.

  5. People continue to confuse public sector unions and private sector unions. I personally am vehemently against public sector unions. I believe private sector unions can be a good thing if there are right to work laws (open shop)in effect.
    Private unions have to bargain in good faith or risk killing the golden goose. They should also have to continue to show their worth to members or risk loss of members through open shop activity.
    Politicians simply pander to public unions for votes. It behooves them to grow the unions as a voting block because their pay/benefits never comes out of the politicians pocket.
    For context
    I currently work as an independent contractor if the conditions I require aren’t met I dont go to work. I am responsible for my success. Works great for me. I worked in a shipyard with a 10,000 member union that catered to the LCD’s of workers. No running in the shipyard was the term for slow down you’re working to hard/fast. I went “out the gate in 88” over a contract that I voted to accept. I then returned to work 6 months later for a lesser contract after the strike was deemed illegal due to union “ineptitude”. I have no personal use for unions.
    My wife is an officer in her local union in a health care company. They were formed after the company they worked for repeatedly flaunted labor law and was abusive in general. The company got what they deserved imo. My wife’s local however does not defend members who clearly break the law or company policy. They expect members to hold up their end of the contract in order to reap the benefits of the collective bargaining.
    My wife does not agree with me when it comes to open shops. I get her point about non dues paying people benefiting, but I feel a good union will attract and maintain the need members.

    1. Good point. FDR understood the issue with public unions and disallowed them. They are a fairly modern invention, created by pandering politicians looking for handouts. The big issue with public unions is that the union sits at both sides of the negotiating table, and the actual other party (the taxpayer) is not represented.

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