So Miguel might be unhappy tomorrow. And J.Kb might be talking to Miguel in clipped tones.

Once again somebody got into the files that drive gunfreezone and modified them. Not nearly as badly as last time.

They added a simple “redirect” to a site that claims to be upgrading chrome. It didn’t it doesn’t, it is a nasty site designed to get you to install software on your PC that you shouldn’t.

If you did “upgrade chrome” form the update-googlechrome(dot)site please know it was a bad thing. Run you virus protection software. You have been infected.

I’m personally sorry this happened to you.

I’ve locked the site down. Miguel can’t make changes to the site software. This might mean that our intrepid bloggers might have issues uploading images. But between Miguel and myself, we’ll get if figured out.

Again, sorry.

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By awa

4 thoughts on “GRRR Grump, Darn hackers, Get OFF MY LAWN”
  1. There are days I wish one could (legally) place bounties on black hats and script-kiddies, along with the … entities … who target the old.

  2. Yep, it did it to me earlier. Fortunately, I know to ignore those kinds of things. Also, I don’t use Chrome. Which is a bit of a red flag, lol. But I sympathize. These morons pulling this crap are getting to be more than a little irritating. Not just here, but across the board in general.

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