After President Obama took to the airwaves to cry on cue, Gun Control supporters took to the Social Media to celebrate, gloat and make fun of the other side. Only one problem: They found us laughing.

They could not understand why. The News Media was telling people who the President had shut down the Gun Show Loophole and had forced dealers to report lost or stolen shipments of guns among many other things. So why are the evil gun owners heckling about? They should be spewing hate and calling for Klan rallies, but instead they were mocking the tears of the President, something that should touch anybody’s heart.

And then, they started to found out that they were misinformed all along. That some of those Executive Orders were just repeating what was already in the books (in some cases for several decades) and that they did not amount to a legal drop of water in the ocean. Them brutish gun owners even went on to say that some of the orders issued actually made it easier to own guns! More agents to run the NICS background checks that will now be open 24/7? And those who want to buy real machine guns no longer have to suffer the indignity of having to cajole the favors of the local Chief Law Enforcement to obtain his/her signature in order to buy the mass murder weapons! Now it is merely a notification given and these ammosexuals can get their yucky AK-15s or M-47s.

And they got mad and unleashed it not in the Con Man In Chief but on those who were so rightfully laughing at them.

Gun Control Rank and File

These are some examples, but what makes this round different from others is not the quality but the amount and intensity of the venom: they were out in full force and totally unhinged against gun owners… not that we could care two bits. And we are getting the attacks from those who had a quarter of a clue as I suspect many others still do not get it or ever will.

Long ago when I stared this blog, I stated that the relation between the rank and file gun control activist and the upper crust was akin to an abused wife to a beating husband. The codependency is such that they would rather die standing up for their “man” no matter how stupid things he did or how many times he has lied, than admit there might be a problem in the relationship and abandoning the scene would be the best and saner policy.

Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?
Chico Marx. Duck Soup.

So why Obama came out with useless Executive Orders? I stand with what I said before: he cannot waste political capital and good will in his final year on something it may not pass or get reversed easily down the road, his ego will not tolerate that. Immediate history will declare this a triumph over the NRA, but the long-term view will be less patronizing and more brutal in its analysis.

I don’t think we will see many other attempts (if any) coming from the Executive in the remaining days of this year other than some dog-and-pony show. Same for Congress. Do expect a brutal injection of money from Bloomberg and its machinery in local and state affairs. We will probably see new local Gun Control groups popping out trying to be the buffer/diffuser  between him and a proposals because he knows his name is becoming poisonous. Nobody likes a New York Interloper meddling on the affairs of his community.  We will need to follow the anti gun money carefully.

And remember, be kind to the Antis as they have feelings. However, don’t say “trigger warning” if you are about to share some info that might upset them. The expression coming from us allegedly has a much meaner and darker connotation as in death threat and they will start crying while seeking a corner under the desk or the bed.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Gun Control Rank and File are not happy campers.”
  1. I have to say, some of those comments are comedy gold.

    The grammar Nazi in me wants to reply to Robert Spiess : “Well, that’s a personal choice, but go for it.” Of course, since he obviously doesn’t understand the difference between then and than, he wouldn’t get it, making it doubly funny for me.

    And the irRational Poet: “…but people who think they can handle them should not have them.”

    So, he’s in favor of people who don’t think they can handle them having them? And that’s rational?

    And the one that made me laugh out loud for some reason, Schweddy ballz: “I’m a multi gun owner…”
    All I could hear was Milla Jovovich saying “Leeloo Dallas multipass.”

    Sure you are, schweddy. Sure you are. Do you go to the multi gun shows?


    This is really a case of the Anti’s taking a victory lap around the circuit and not realizing that even the announcer has stopped giving a flying flatulence about the race at this point. Everyone that is in the know understands that these are redundant EOs, or actually a benefit to legal gun owners, not some kind of slap in the face to the NRA. Too bad, Antis are not by definition in the know.

    This actually brings to mind a question that has long haunted me. If an Anti-gunner is so grossly clueless on the subject to which they are supposed to be experts, how exactly do they function from day to day without the expected mental capacity to understand day to day processes?

    Kinda liking the thought of NICS being open 24-7, I could see someone doing a late-night gun shop or shooting range / gun shop in my area.

  3. I noticed this morning that Vox (of all places!) is suddenly saying, “Hey, wait, Dear Reader didn’t really close the gun show loophole, because there is no gun show loophole.” Seems like they caught on. Does this mean they actually can learn? Or are they just trying to make sure they still have the “gun show loophole” excuse for the next go-round?

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