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I am Laredo, and I am one of the new [nearly] daily bloggers that Miguel has invited on board for the site. I am honored to be allowed this and will be honest and sincere to everyone here. I grew up in an Army family that taught me how to hold firearms at the age of 5. I have always enjoyed shooting guns and being patriotic as hell. So, I am here to do my part of contributing to our culture and way of life.

By that I mean that I will keep things straight forward, and know how to take criticism if I misspeak or am disagreed with. I believe that the best way to continue fighting for our rights and traditions is to be factual, sincere, and express what we feel while keeping our cool- at least most of the time. So in my blog pieces I will usually talk about guns, gun free zones, legislature involving guns, etc. as well as posting a few pieces about hunting, fishing, and trapping stories to bring up morale after reading the latest post from CSGV and others. I also might revisit old topics that most of us know, but that is useful for anyone new to know. It might seem odd to that, but sometimes we forget we were ignorant to something at a point in our lives that we now feel is basic knowledge.

For today, I just want you all to get a feel for who I am. I appreciate this opportunity and understand that I am not better than those who do not write for the blog. So feel free to comment below anytime, because I enjoy conversations about gun related topics. I will be posting on most days of the week and do not have a detailed schedule to give you.

I also want to give an update on permitless open carry in Oklahoma, the state of my residence. The bill has passed through the Senate, and it is now back at the House for approval of Senate-made amendments. I’ve read the bill thoroughly, and it will be a major improvement to releasing holds on our rights here! Have a good day, ladies and gentlemen.

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