When the title of an article tells you how they are going to combat “gun violence” you know that it is another attempt at banning guns. Or a crime gun purchase/scam the ignorant effort.

The standard response to anything gun related by government is to ban it.

The assassin of Shinzo Abe used a home made gun. In Japan it is illegal to posses that gun. It is illegal to make a gun. It is almost impossible to get government permission to own a gun.

The assassin made what would have been called a “zip gun” and seems to have used black powder.

The president of these United States in his belated statement blamed gun violence. A one track record that is skipping in the first groove.

The City of Cincinnati is going to spend $1 million on programs to reduce violence

The city will spend $1 million to increase employment among youth and will work along side other nonprofits, such as the Urban League.

“This violence protection collaborative brings residents and organizations together to disrupt the pathways to violence through youth mentoring, advocacy and character building programming,” said Mayor Pureval.
— WKRC Local 2 Cincinnati city leaders announce new measures to combat rising gun violence

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Gun Violence reduction not the same as gun bans?”
  1. Cincinnati can’t put in gun control laws because state law prohibits it. But they have to concoct some grift around “gun violence” without actually dealing with career criminals, so…

    (Mind you, the illegality of Cincinnati’s attempts at gun control never stopped MidwayUSA from abiding by those “laws”. I don’t live in Cincinnati city limits,, not even in the same county, but my address gets “Cincinnati” slapped on it by the post office, so Midway wouldn’t sell me standard capacity magazines.)

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