@GunFreeZone does the Shadowban test.

I think I pissed off the Twitter Overlords with this tweet which I used as reply on anybody supporting the #endfamilyfire:


I found peculiar that after more than  a couple of dozen of individual replies none of them had anything to say or even blocked me. There is a website  Shadowban.eu that checks your status and breaks it down in the following categories:

Search Ban

This type of ban causes your tweets to be hidden from the search results entirely, no matter whether the quality filter is turned on or off. This behavior includes hashtags as well. This type of ban seems to be temporally limited for active accounts.

Thread Ban

This is what is referred to as conventional shadowban as well. It comprises a search ban while threads are completely ripped apart by hiding reply tweets of the affected user to others. Everything will look perfectly normal to the affected user but many others will not be able to see reply tweets of the affected user at all. Reasons for this ban include behavior like excessive tweeting or following. Again, this type of ban seems to be temporally limited for active accounts.

Quality Filter Discrimination

QFD causes your tweets to be invisible within the latest section of the search, including hashtags, when the quality filter is turned on. Note that this quality filter is located on the search page, is turned on by default and will be reset for each search anew. It differs from the quality filter controlling your notifications. QFD was introduced on May 15, 2018 as part of Twitter’s so-called healthy conversation project.

I went ahead and checked my twitter account and I got the following results:

Yay! I am officially a Twitter Non-Person! At least they have not kicked me out of the place yet.

Again, it is not paranoia if they are attacking you.

UPDATE: I decided to do a temporary change of Twitter Profile.

You know I had to go with a classic.

2 Replies to “@GunFreeZone does the Shadowban test.”

  1. Congratulations. You join a long and proud history. Pissing off the right people – or – if you’re drawing flak, you must be over the target . . .

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