Guns always end up with the bad guys, have you noticed that?

This from the injunction just issued against Cody Wilson’s 3D blueprints, page 17:

Until April 2018, the federal government took the position that technical data related to the design and production of weapons using a commercially-available 3D printer posed a threat to world peace and the security and foreign policy of the United States. Some of its concerns related specifically to the undetectable nature of a gun made from plastic. Because they were virtually undetectable in metal detectors and other security equipment, the State Department feared that they could be used in assassination attempts, hijackings, piracy, and terrorist activities. Other concerns related to the portability and ease of a manufacturing process that would allow terrorist groups and embargoed nations to evade sanctions, repair weapons, restock arms supplies, and fuel violent regional conflicts. Both aspects of the technical data at issue would, the State Department feared, subvert the domestic laws of nations with restrictive firearm controls, impairing the United States’ foreign relations with those nations

How come the only foreign people who will get hands in guns are bad? Or at least that is what seems to be used as excuse to restrict rights.  Maybe people in Turkey needs gun to fight against the regime there. Same for Nicaragua, Venezuela and about half the African continent. How many people are out there that can start a fight for democracy and freedom  with a simple 3D printed gun?

2 Replies to “Guns always end up with the bad guys, have you noticed that?”

  1. Or the “bad guys” could just use pipes, lathes, and/or mills, or basic hardware, to make actual firearms or explosives. But I guess it’s easier to go after a law-abiding white American then actually do something about or at least address the issue of Islamic terrorism. Or all the other messes around the world that the US Gov has caused or made worse.

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