Which is why Gun Control is a pipe dream at best.

An NYPD officer was fatally shot during a Monday car stop in Queens, Mayor Adams said, calling the incident “a senseless act of violence.”

“We lost one of our sons today, and it is extremely painful,” Adams said at a press conference. “It’s extremely painful.”

Uniformed Officer Jonathan Diller and his partner pulled Lindy Jones, 41, and Guy Rivera, 34, over near the corner of Mott Ave. and Smith Place in Far Rockaway just before 5:50 p.m., cops and sources said.

The men were in a gray Kia SUV and were illegally parked in a bus stop, according to police.

“[Rivera] was asked to leave the car,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said at the news conference. “He was given a lawful order numerous times to step out of the car, and he refused. Instead of stepping out of the car, he shot our officer.”

Diller, 31, was shot in the torso underneath his bullet-resistant vest, but “still stayed in the fight,” Kenny said.

NYPD officer fatally shot during car stop in Far Rockaway, Queens (nydailynews.com)

The gun was recovered.

Bryco has been out of business for 20 years, but the guns are still out there. And those too young will not remember the outcry and teeth gnashing when the term Saturday Night Special was created and guns like Bryco, Jennings, and Raven were stamped with that title to make them “evil.”

They sued Bryco out of existence after typecasting it as evildoers and merchants of death, a strategy Gun Control swore would end “Gun Deaths” and violent crime in general.

It failed spectacularly and deadly.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “Guns are durable goods.”
  1. blame the tool, not the one mis using the tool…the joys of living in a giant insane asylum run by lunatics…. isn’t this the same city administration screaming “defund th’ po po”??? we truely do live in interesting times…. watch as a whole bushel of “new” laws get pushed out that do nothing…

  2. Here’s an interesting history related to Bryco which some of you might remember.
    Mark and Patricia McCloskey are currently Gun Rights advocates for gun rights in America and will speak in the upcoming Republican National Convention in August. But their history reflects a different position.
    For many years the couple were part of a personal injury law practice in Missouri and litigated many cases against gun manufacturers and the gun Patricia brandished one of the exhibits used in one of those cases when they stood on their porch to protect their home from Black Lives Matter protestors.
    The McCloskey’s represented plaintiffs injured by Bryco handguns in Chronister v Bryco which resulted in $350,000 judgement when it was proven the gun manufacturer’s produces pistols with a defective design which caused misfires with open chambers that caused an owner to suffer great physical damage.
    In other cases, Bryco was sued which did not involve the McCloskeys, that resulted in injuries from defective operation. In 2003 Bryco declared bankruptcy and was sold for $510,000. Later the company became Jimenez Arms.

    1. I don’t mean to argue, but nothing above indicates they were anti-gun. All the cases you cite involved defective guns and/or defective designs, and suing a gun manufacturer when a defective product design causes injury is allowed under the PLCAA, as it is with any other industry or manufacturer. (To use the analogy from another post, if Toyota sold a car that could lose steering due to a defective design, and someone were injured because of it, OF COURSE they’d get sued. It doesn’t mean the plaintiff[s] or their lawyer[s] are “anti-car”.)
      Heck, we could say that if their legal actions caused gun designs to be overall safer, then they did us a favor in the long term. It’s why defective products are exempted from PLCAA protections.
      Now, does that mean the McCloskeys were necessarily pro-gun? Not at all. As personal injury lawyers their vocation’s reputation precedes itself; they are thought of as mercenaries who will represent anyone to make a quick buck or 100,000. But it seems most likely to me that they were probably neutral on guns as a political issue — as are most people, TBH — but after their experience they are now pro-gun advocates.

      1. Archer your point is valid based on what I posted. What I didn’t post was the arguments made against the gun industry as a whole in order to establish greater culpability on the part of the gun manufacturer—which worked.
        For instance, Patricia used the gun which she used to defend herself and her husband from BLM, as an example of ‘guns which threaten the safety of all Americans’ which I guess since she kept one for her own personal self-defense afterwards, suggests strongly that she’s either illogical or disingenuous or unethical but I highly doubt……ignorant.
        Which was my point. They played both sides of the issue then, but today have chosen to take a stand on the pro-gun side. Perhaps we can give them the benefit of the doubt and say they saw the light once the BLM protests illegally broke into the gated community and breached their peaceful abode.
        Sometimes it takes the threat of personal violence to persuade a person to appreciate the necessity of the second amendment. In any case, it’s good to now have them on the winning side.
        As always, appreciate your logical response, Archer.

  3. It’s worth remembering that the term “Saturday Night Special” is an abbreviation of “Saturday Night N*****rtown Special”, an extremely racist term referring to supposed late night revelry in minority districts.

    Just one more example of what Clayton Cramer called “the racist roots of gun control”.

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