Found this gem:


I guess he should have looked up the requirements for training to be a law enforcement officer in Tennessee through the Tennessee police academy.


Oh look, 40 hours of firearms training and 50 rounds.

Yes, this is the minimum, but I can’t imagine a police academy doing much more than the minimum to get people to pass.

If 40 hours is enough to train a cop to carry a gun, it should be enough for a teacher.

Now, frequent readers of this blog know that support training way beyond the bare minimum, and most cops are shitty shooters.

So, of course, we support teachers training regularly. But this guy clearly is of the mindset of the magic fairy dust of government authority, so private training is irrelevant to him, all that matters is official government traing.

He knows nothing about what the standards are for the police, but he knows equivalent standards for teachers is insufficient.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Guy on the internet knows nothing but still has opinion”
  1. Funny, the last stats I saw showed that CCW carriers had something like greater than seven times the accuracy of the cops, when comparing hits on target vs shots fired…

  2. “…I can’t imagine a police academy doing much more than the minimum to get people to pass.”
    Especially these days.
    Hm. Maybe I should suggest the local range host a special range & instruction day for teachers. I’d be willing to donate ammo towards that good cause.

  3. I know police who only shoot thier duty firearm ONCE a year during qualifying….
    the internet (as Mike Tyson said) is chock full of self righteous assholes who know it all and are going to tell everyone they KNOW they are right. also its the continuation of demonizing firearms, a tool… whats the qualifications for driving a multi ton vehicle around “children”??
    about an hour and a half judging by the rampant stupidity on the roads…

  4. He’s right and wrong. He’s right in believing that 40 hours of work is not “enough” if “enough” means being able to hit a target at a distance with a handgun under stress. He’s wrong in believing that 40 hours of *instruction* isn’t enough. Basic handgun safety is simple. Basic instruction on some technique of shooting doesn’t take very long. It’s my personal opinion that it’s a bad idea to teach multiple techniques to a novice or to get into the weeds of fine tuning a technique with a novice. So, basic instruction really requires a lot less than 40 hours.
    The key, in my opinion is that it’s like any nontrivial motor skill. It’s not the instruction that takes time. It’s the practice. I don’t want to argue techniques, but just as an example, let’s say that you are a fan of point shooting. How long does it take to teach the basics? An hour or so, max. How long does it take to master those basics so that it’s worth getting instruction in the next level? Tens and tens of hours, and hundreds of rounds.
    If you’re just going to go shoot five rounds every other month, then you don’t need much instruction at all. You just need to be firm in safety and some basic training in how to hold and aim — because you will never practice enough to make it worth further training.

  5. You’re looking at it the wrong way.
    The rules say 40 hours is enough as a minimum for cops, but he’s saying 40 hours is not enough for teachers.
    Try looking at it like this: We could parse what he’s saying to mean, if 40 hours is not enough for teachers, then 40 hours is not enough for cops.
    Considering cops are many times more likely to draw their weapons than teachers, where should the training be focused?
    (And he’s forgetting that SROs are cops who carry firearms around children. If 40 hours are enough for them, then it’s enough for teachers.)

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