By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Happy 38th annual Plauche Day”
  1. uboob commentary, about how he could be such a good shot with all the adrenaline and rage and whatnot.
    all I have to say is…
    “No, not without incident” — Equilibrium
    It can be like that.

  2. One round, right to the dome, didn’t hit the cameraman or the police escort… And he even hung up the telephone neatly before the police body-checked him into the wall.

    TV Tropes would call that “Tranquil Fury.”

  3. Some people turn into hyper, shaky basket cases when really pissed. Some turn into stone cold, I’ve got one shot at this and I will do what needs to be done, killing machines. You know, the quiet, I just want to be left alone guys. The ones you really don’t want to realize they’ve nothing left to lose. Those guys.

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