I am going to do the Thanksgiving Post a little different. Perhaps one of the funniest bits I have ever seen in a TV Comedy: The Turkeys Away episode originally aired in October 30th, 1978 and I think it is the most memorable for its twisted yet innocent humor.

Besides the video below, click on the link and enjoy the writers telling the story of that particular show and other tidbits….and Happy Thanksgivings!

TV Guide named it as the fortieth best television episode of all time. On lists of favorite sitcoms, or favorite holiday episodes, it invariably ranks even higher. WKRP in Cincinnati’s seventh episode, “Turkeys Away” begins as a wholesome, almost bland, Thanksgiving show. Around the midpoint, though, the standard-issue sitcom setup – Mr. Carlson (Gordon Jump), orchestrates a secret radio station promotion – takes a spectacularly morbid and off-color left turn, one that sets up punchline after hilarious punchline.

via Turkeys Away: An Oral History | The Classic TV History Blog.

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