I thought Harvard took a huge hit when it admitted mediocre student but anti-gun activist darling David Hogg.

It dropped even further when it decided to cancel and rescind the acceptance of much better Parkland student Kyle Kashuv because of some private, year-old chats that got leaked by one of his anti-gun classmates.

Then I saw this in my newsfeed.

Jazz Jennings Delays Starting at Harvard So She Can ‘Recenter to Be the Strongest Version’ of Herself

Jazz Jennings is a trans-child who has been the subject of a multi-year long TLC reality TV show.  Jazz is a famous LGBT and child-transitioning activist.

Jazz Jennings won’t be attending Harvard classes this fall, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be forgoing her arrival in Cambridge, Massachusetts forever.

“I wanted to share some news,” the TLC star, 18, wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

“After careful consideration I have decided to take a break before starting at Harvard,” Jennings said. “It wasn’t an easy decision but it is the right one for me. These past few years have been so full and busy that I realized I could use some time to refocus and recenter to be the strongest version of myself.”

The LGBTQ+ activist continued, “I am so grateful to have the support of my parents and Harvard in making this decision and look forward to focusing on some self-care and getting prepared to start this exciting next chapter in my life❤️.”

After announcing in May that she got into the Ivy League school and planned to attend this fall, Jennings admitted that she was “nervous” about what college would do to her mental health.

Jennings has suffered from depression and other issues in the past, documented and exacerbated by being the face of trans-youth activism and a reality TV show.  This show was set to continue while Jazz attended college.

Harvard has clearly stopped being an elite college with the intention of turning America’s best and brightest into future world leaders.

Harvard’s transition into a diploma mill that Liberal elites use to reward their friends and political mouthpieces is complete.

You can be a great student with a promising future but don’t bother going to Harvard for an education.

Its classrooms are going to be full of self-righteous know-it-all partisan idiots and mentally unbalanced children famous for having their genitals mutilated for a reality TV show.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Harvard goes down another peg”
  1. Depression and similar mental health issues are often part and parcel of gender dysphoria. So, I do sympathize and sincerely hope Ms. Jennings gets the best medical care she can…

    But Harvard is only extending her this privilege because she’s a Z-List television figure.

    1. I’m not going to attack someone with dysphoria anymore than I would someone with schizophrenia.

      What I hate about this situation is that Jazz became a trans icon and reality TV star. Jazz couldn’t have any introspection about this choice because trans-girl became her brand and what she is famous for. All the stress, I guarantee, added to her other mental conditions and caused her this level of hardship.

      And yes, the point of my post was that this is another example of Harvard elites giving away a Harvard diploma as a reward for youth activism of some sort.

  2. Being the cynical so and so I am, I suspect that the Ivies flout these and other diversity students as a shield, and as an excuse to exclude the “Not Our Kind, Dear” students. Such as the children of Asian immigrants with high GPA’s.

    Kids like Camera Hogg fill the same role as a native chieftain in a frock coat hanging around the Victorian court, and just a step up from a set decoration.
    They get to be around the aristocrats, but will likely never be a real part.

    Anyway, the Ivy diploma is just a rubber stamp for positions the Woke Caste gets via family connections anyway.

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