I saw this yesterday on Twitter.

I just had to follow up.

This story to a young woman named Amber Roberts.

I screen grabbed a short thread she posted that made me want to slam my face into a wall.

I want to make this very clear, I have no problem with women in tech.  I believe that by and large my generation doesn’t have a problem with women in tech.

We all had female professors for our engineering and science classes.

The “brogrammer” or misogyny in video games thing I don’t believe has anything to do with “girls can’t to tech.”  From my experience the few people who are like that are essentially incels who have glommed onto video games as the only social outlet they have, and they are a minority of the bunch.

Chris Rock – before he got woke – used to do a hilarious stand-up routine called “N****s vs. black people.”  The comedy bit mocks a real phenomenon of conflating identity with attitude.

I have no problem with women in STEM.  I hate #WomenInSTEM.

People don’t like working with a hashtag wielding activist.

The story Ms. Roberts relates in her first Tweet has a whiff of “shit that never happened,” but it may have.  I used to carry two laptops, one was personal and the other professional.  It did get awkward at airport security because pulling out two laptops for TSA was a hassle.  Now that tablets are more common, I carry my work laptop and my personal tablet and nobody seems to care.

Assuming that it did happen, you can tell she was just so ready to tell some man that she does BOTH astrophysics AND artificial intelligence, and how dare you question that.

Her second tweet about how she is being called out in the r/Iamverysmart sub-Reddit is all humble-brag.

This girl is hitting Obama levels of narcissism while parading around as a victim.

I am a science genius but nobody thinks I am because I am a girl.

Her Instagram is nothing more than here is a sexy picture of me in standing in front of something super smarty pants science related.  Pure, unbridled narcissism.

I would bet hard money that she carries around a Carl Sagan book just waiting for people to ask her what she is reading so she can jump down their throats with her double expertise in astrophysics and artificial intelligence, and how dare you assume a girl can’t study that.

Random strangers asking her about why she has two laptops isn’t what is keeping women out of tech.

If anything is keeping women out of tech, it is push back against victicrat activists like her.

Maybe it’s because I am man, or maybe it’s because I have a sense of humor, but if you asked me why I had two laptops, I’d look at you with a deadpan expression and say “work, porn.”

What I wouldn’t do is fall over myself to tell you that I have a PhD and an am expert in multiple fields and way smarter than you and be an insufferable dick.

What I can tell you is that I guarantee that this girl will resented by every research partner she will ever have, and she will blame it entirely on her gender and not that normal people in general can’t stand working with activists.

With this girl working in the field of AI, I worry for our future.  When her version of SkyNet becomes self aware, the uprising of Terminators in pussyhats might actually be worse than nuclear Armageddon.

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By J. Kb

24 thoughts on “Hashtag Women in STEM”
  1. If she’s lucky she’ll grow out of it.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working in research groups with a much higher percentage of women than is common in my field. I appreciate it because they approach problems differently. Not better, not worse, just different, than most male researchers. It made for a more interesting, not to mention productive, dynamic.

    I’ve also found an inverse correlation between the tendency to brag, and what one has worth bragging about, intellectual horsepower-wise. Not a full correlation, but most people who are really bright, also tend to appreciate just how much they don’t know.

  2. I say what follows as the father of a daughter who is in a STEM graduate program whom I have concluded is far smarter than her father. I have reached this conclusion because I often do not understand about what she is talking when she describes her work and I am not a dumb guy.

    I have never and would never even think that someone who self-identifies as a physician, scientist, or engineer cannot be telling the truth because of gender or race. That being said, I know that there are those who simply cannot believe that an African-American or a woman has succeeded in any of those fields.

    The problem is that we have long ago stopped treating people as individual human beings and consider them only as part of the group with which someone believes he or she must identify. It is only then that this nonsense will stop.

    I would resent any imputation that my daughter is not an engineer simply because she is a woman. So, I understand why the writer is upset but, at the same time, that this unconscious bias has become a “thing,” suggests a level of insecurity on the part of those who feel insulted.

  3. Boris, I noticed that in EMS as well. The guys who were all “Junior Coder”, typically had run counts in the mid 100’s.

    The folks with multi-thousand run counts, typically wouldn’t tell you “war stories” unless they knew you, or else would tell you that they were bus drivers, or worked for the Solid Waste Division of Da City.

    It reminds me of the old pejorative ref faux-Texans: “All hat- No cattle”.

  4. I have a 17″ gaming laptop and I get comments almost every time I pull it out at TSA because it’s unusual. I don’t make a big fuss out of it.

  5. IMO that’s nothing more than going around looking for an opportunity to be offended. A signature personality defect of a lot of proggies. If it wasn’t about how many computers she carried around, it would be about something else.

    I’d bet her dating history from college to date is a list of ‘one time and then never a return call’ that has dwindled down to ‘seldom if ever’ since indications are she’s a harpy with a chip on her shoulder.

  6. Damnit. You could’ve written an article about how she’d have been better off buying two AR’s rather than two laptops which everyone knows are just foreign-built hunks of plastic.

    Well, the part of the story about about getting through airport security would’ve been a lot more interesting.

  7. I have not watched the video, but apparently there’s a video complaining that “agile programming” (think just-in-time and quality assurance practices applied to software) came from “17 white guys”. Apparently that makes it Wrong, or Exclusive, or both, somehow. Not the ideas, what they were trying to do, or what they said, but just their being white and male is damning.

    Honestly, we need to stop giving power to those who claim to be offended or excluded or who just don’t feel like they’re celebrated enough.

    1. “agile programming” is a hipster buzzword that means “we don’t have a plan but we’re going full steam ahead anyway.”

  8. A related thought … TSA Pre-check, people, TSA Pre.

    Fly almost like it’s 1999. Don’t take off your shoes, don’t have to unpack your carry-on even if there’s a laptop, tablet, two phones and a power brick in there. (Rules on liquids still apply, though, honestly, I don’t carry much in carry-on for fear of a rupture’s effect on aforementioned electronics.)

    (And yes, I know, another background check … but compared to what I’ve had already it’s … well, I won’t say it’s a joke, but let’s say the lady who took my fingerprints and I had a fun conversation about it.)

  9. I don’t scoff because she’s a girl, I scoff at the idea of someone being an expert in both of those fields. Astrophysics and AI both have 2 levels of expertise: the level where you don’t need a laptop strictly to work on them, and the level where you have to dedicate every waking hour to that one field. Nobody under the age of 60 is an “expert” in both fields at once.

    1. I’d agree there. She’s a MS student. She doesn’t have expertise in anything but Instagram. Give her 30 years in the field and that might change.

      1. And why 2 laptops? I have a ton of data and software on my single laptop. Why would you ever need two? Sounds like BS to me.

        1. I was thinking something similar: Why not a single laptop and separate HDDs with differing OS/software as applicable? Seems like it would be a lot less trouble/bulky to pack around while traveling.

        2. I can see it if you are compiling or doing something else very resource intensive it’s just easier to use another computer than be slowed down.

          Joe Rogan interviewed those guys who wrote all those fake research papers and a nice take away they shared was after doing what they were doing for a couple of years and living in the woke mindset they started to see the things the woke see like the microagressions and sexism and racism etc. Basically their conclusion was if you go out looking for it you will find it.

      2. I looked for her resume but could not find anything besides her github. She has a decent github, but it’s not exactly what I would expect from a professor. She *might* be a Master’s student. I looked for webpages to prove that and came up empty. If she’s a Master’s student, she’s wet behind the ears, and she doesn’t know the struggle of getting published in peer-review journals. Otherwise she would be bragging about her twelve publications instead of her NASA t-shirt.



        seems to be the same girl. She looks to be a doctoral student.

    1. Work computer goes into the checked bag with almost everything else. I don’t care if it lost, busted, stolen by TSA.

      The ‘other’ computer, wallet, ticket, car keys and nothing else is carryon.

  10. Judging by the “quality” of her code – I don’t think you have much to worry about when it comes to skynet. I doubt she could manage a simple Neural Net – the code in her github was just a bunch of “Hello World” filler.

    I am sure she will fool some HR lady and make her a diversity hire where she will be put in charge of a team and generally just kind of fail up until she hits the wall.

    By that time she will have married an actually talented engineer and go onto her real career – collecting child support and alimony.

  11. I thought the standard answer to “why do you have two laptops” was “because my third laptop is in the shop getting an upgrade”.

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