David Corn is the D.C. bureau chief of Mother Jones, and MSNBC analyst, and the author of an anti-Trump book about Russian collusion.

I guess the Congressional testimony of Michael Cohen saying that there was not Russian collusion was going to cut into Corn’s book sales, so he decided to get some attention Jussie Smollett style.

He Tweeted this:

Like the internet says: pics or it didn’t happen.

Also, why would someone put anti AOC graffiti in an airport in Phoenix?

Corn sat back to bask in the glory of his white knighting, when Sky Harbor reached out to him.

Look at the time stamp.

Almost eight hours later, he gave this half assed response.

And just like clockwork…

And no record of grafiti being cleaned up either, nor any other social media reports of it existing.

These people are getting lazier with their hate hoax reporting.

It’s just too bad that there isn’t going to be any ramifications for Corn pulling some shit like this.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Hate hoax by proxy”
  1. Yawn. Many a urinal has been adorned with the likeness of Jane Fonda, the Hildabeast, and the POS Former POTUS.

    Tell me why she does NOT deserve to be degraded in this way. I challenge you, David Cornhole.

  2. Become a public figure, expect people to do stuff like draw obscene graffiti, or make obscene jokes, etc…

    Seriously, why is this Corn guy concerned in any way? What is it, his job to protect AOC or something? I bet he has never met her. Did he get equally upset about the obscene things said about Trump (Who was it that referred to Trump’s mouth as Putin’s **** holster?) If you are going to be outraged about obscene things said about famous people, demand that Samantha Bee be removed from the air for her “feckless see-you-next-Tuesday” comment about Ivanka.

    I am really glad the folks at PHX called him out on it publicly.

  3. David Corn drugged and molested me and my children. He sells meth to grade schoolers and he pimps illegal alien children to the highest bidding pedophile he knows.
    Now, let him try to prove he didn’t.

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