There are lots of people trying to somehow tie that Will Smith did to Chris Rock to Trump.

Because they are all fundamentally broken people.

One got close, but then blew it.

I present you Steve Schmidt:


I actually agree with most of his first Tweet.

The reason we got Trump is Hollywood is a hermetically sealed bubble.

From the outside we see drug addicts, rapists, pedophiles, and vacuous shallow assholes who have no idea what life is like for people who don’t make millions of dollars and have an entourage of people catering to them all the time.

Yet these people tell the rest of us how to live.

And Hillary Clinton had countless celebrity endorsements.

Anywhere else in America, if someone punched a coworker over a joke made about his wife, he’d be fired and escorted outside to the police by security.

But tyr sane Academy that gave awards to child rapists and sexual predators gave Will Smith an award that sane evening and let him go to a star studded after party.

We got Trump because we were tired of an elite class that played by totally different rules and treated the rest of us as ignorant peasants.

Last night Will Smith only widened that gulf.

I want a President who not just doesn’t rely on celebrity endorsements, but runs on a platform of investigating Hollywood and prosecuting its pedophiles and sex traffickers.

I’d love to watch the FBI just host a major sex trafficking sting at the Academy Awards.  Just doing a perp walk down the red carpet.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “He got it right in his first Tweet, but not how he intended”
  1. Paraphrasing slightly, “When you are Famous, they let you do it.” He was explaining the Hollywood /Broadway /Celebrity mores to a fellow entertainment insider. The celebrities hated it because it was absolutely true, Said another way by Mel Brooks, “It is good to be the King.”

    Do you think it was an actual assault? It was as made up as the Sacha Barron Cohen Zip-line Butt in Eminem’s face stunt.

  2. More people wearing MAGA hats have been assaulted in the last 7 years than have assaulted anyone. The “Trump Rally Marred by Violence” headlines were carefully crafted to hide it wasn’t Trump supporters committing the violence.

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