We know nothing about the shooter but his go-to reaction is to attack your gun rights.

He also attacks you for expressing concern and condolences in any way other than his preferred way, which is knee-jerk gun control.

It’s a double whammy of being an asshole.

Here is what I find interesting.

This man is a Sikh.  He says so in his bio.

Sikh are commanded to carry a sword, called a Kirpan, to defend the innocent.

You know that line from The Mandalorian that has become a meme: “Weapons are part of my religion.”

That is actually Sikhism.

But this guy wants to go after your right to own the tools to defend yourself.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “He seems nice”
  1. He is free to move someplace more to his liking.

    And notice he’s claiming there have been over 2000 “mass shooting” deaths in just 45 days, yet the total gun deaths in 2022 was just over 20,000. I guess every shooting is now a “mass shooting”?

  2. “The United States is the only country where…” is such a bunch of bull crap it is clear proof of the complete and total ignorance of this idiot.
    School shootings are common. In fact, they happen so often on Honduras that the news does not even bother to report it any more.
    But, why let reality get in the way of a good gun control push.

  3. I have great love and respect in my heart for some Sikhs and those are the ones I personally know and call my friend, the ones who truly live their commands to go armed to defend the innocent and fight evil. I can’t convince him to shoot anything newer than hipower but there you go.

    Then there are the ones who have taken to using their traditional blade as a fashion accessory. Either the blade is of soft useless metal or even taking an ancestral weapon and soldering it forever shut in its scabbard. Laws aside it just feels wrong.

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