Mom has arms ripped apart, dies stopping pit bull from attacking 4-year-old son

A Wisconsin mother had her arms ripped apart by a pit bull while saving her 4-year-old son from the dog and later died, kin say.

The boy’s father “got home to find her lying on the bathroom floor. She said, ‘I have no arms, and I’m dying,’ ” said Pingel’s sister, Shannon Pingel, to the Wausau Daily Herald.

She suffered kidney failure and had had both her arms amputated.

Pingel’s son, Damion, received 70 stitches to his leg after being bitten by the dog and was later released from the hospital.

Bernarde, who was also bitten during the ordeal, told cops that he pulled the dog off Pingel, dragged it out to the yard and shot it.

Let’s count up the casualties from one pit bull:

Boy, 4-years-old, bit in the leg requiring 70 stitches.

Mom, 35, both arms ripped up and amputated, died of trauma induced kidney failure nine days later.

Dad, also bitten, extent of injuries unknown.

Daughter, 5-years-old, no longer has a mom.

All of this could have been prevented had dad liberally applied pistol to pit bull the very first time the dog crossed his threshold.

Two weeks, two pit bulls, two stories of 4-year-olds being attacked, three arms lost, one death.

But no, I’m the fucking asshole for saying that if I see a pit bull near my family I’m going pull an Atticus Finch and fucking shoot it.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “He should have shot the dog on sight like I would have”
  1. So you would kill because you have a fear not based on actions but based on appearance. How anti-Semitic and racist of you.

    1. Breed matters.
      When dogs are human, your pointless point will be valid.

      Until then, pit bulls are pit bulls, just like leopards are leopards and crocodiles are crocodiles, and neither of them are Homo sapiens.

      Just as apples are not oranges, unlike in your fallacious reasoning.

      But the bloghost left out the other half: shoot the owners. Including if it was the victims, in this case. Nip the error in the bud.

  2. Shoot my dog for no damn good reason other than her breed then you better expect return fire.

  3. The problem is, just like in gun stories the media doesn’t know dick. How do you know these were actual “Pit Bulls”? More importantly – Most people can’t identify dog breeds at all. my Local police picked up one of my dogs a few months back. A Shih Tzu. (he wandered off when the step daughter accidentally left the door open, was not wearing his collar as he had just ha d bath the night before.). When the police picked him up he was identified to Dispatch as a Poodle.

    If the media has a story about a gun, it’s an AR-15. If they have a story about a dog – it’s always identified as a pit bull.

  4. I’ve had a lot of training time with pit bulls. And there’s one rule I always inform people of when they believe they want a pit bull. Rule: If you have a pit bull don’t plan on having children, yours or other people’s, alone with your pit bull. No other dog on the planet gets more jealous than a pit bull, for the affection of its master. They will kill the competition…..just about every time. They will NOT play well with younger dogs and or children.

    1. Exactly. This is why there are quite a few of us that would kill every pit bull on the planet, if given the chance. Because that isn’t practical, we are limited to our local neighborhoods.

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