Never ever, ever trust a fucker from Harvard or Yale.

They can sound like conservatives, but at the end of the day they will preserve the status quo.

I swear to God, my SCOTUS nominees won’t even be lawyers.

I’m just going to find some guys living off the grid who shout “taxation is theft” and “all gun laws are unconstitutional” a lot and put them on the Court.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “He went to Yale”
  1. “Won’t even be lawyers” — good notion. It isn’t mandatory for the job, after all.
    I suspect a lot of engineers would make excellent judges. A law is similar to a design specification — precisely worded text saying what is required. Engineers know how to read those things.

    1. But… but… it takes the very finest legal mind with the very best legal training to read the design specification and conclude that it means exactly the opposite of what it says!

  2. It’s weird- we see Republican nominated Justices swinging hard Left all the time, but the Democrats tend to stick to their side.

    And like Mittens and McCain, Brent thinks if he squishes and sells out hard enough, the Left will like him.

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