Santa Rosa man arrested on suspicion of possessing loaded ‘ghost gun’

Given this headline some questions leap to mind, such as “why did they suspect him of possessing a loaded gun?” “Why did the suspect it was a ‘ghost gun’?” And maybe the biggest, since when can you be arrested because they suspect you of something?

The image the Santa Rosa police department released shows a glock like firearm with a magazine with at least on full metal jacketed round.

Hmm, that sounds to me like “arrested for having a loaded firearm”, not suspected.

The firearm could very well be an 80% frame that has been finished.

Digging a bit deeper we find that the suspect was arrested after a traffic stop. The old statement that if a cop follows your car long enough he will find a reason to pull you over seems to be in action here. Given that “members” (plural) of the “Special Enforcement Team” did the stop.

The old black and white pulls the car over and six more vehicles appear out of nowhere with flashing lights.

They found the gun in the trunk of the car. They also claim that there was a 30 round extended magazine for the firearm. Of course they only show a standard magazine.

Regardless, diving into any headline with the word “ghost gun” is likely to find more misinformation than reallity.

This dude was likely a bad guy. They had reason to suspect him of carrying something that he was not legally supposed to have at that time and place. So they waited till they could stop him for a traffic violation and in the process searched his vehicle and found a gun.

Maybe if we all had Constitutional Carry this sort of stop would not happen.

I do want bad people arrested, charged, convicted and punished correctly. If you can’t do it correctly, then the police have no business attempting it.

Santa Rosa man arrested on suspicion of possessing loaded ‘ghost gun’

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Headlines without Context (or truth)”
  1. Gotta get that scary “Ghost Gun”in the lede.

    “The handgun was a privately made handgun with no serial numbers, commonly referred to as a ghost gun. The handgun also had an extended magazine that contained 30 rounds, officials said, adding that, it was determined the driver did not know about the firearm.” WTF The reporterette spends most of the article describing the evil ghost gun, and the man charged with illegal possession didn’t even know it was in the trunk?

  2. “Not knowing” about something is a good excuse for charging the guy.. as usual tons of “information “ but not really… was he part of the protected class? Was he a felon? Obviously he wasnt a MAGA hat wearin white guy was he? Ghost gun is the new scare word as “assult weapons “ isnt working.. it all started with the Glock17 in the 90s – ooohhh it’s plastic so it wont show up on airport metal detectors….. aaahhh the sky is falling!!

  3. Ghost Gun is an Alice in Wonderland euphemism that means whatever I want it to mean. It is easy to identify those who weaponize euphemisms to suit their own purposes. Facts are optional.

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