Hearts, Minds, and A**holes

I caught an article about Donald Trump titled “Donald Trump: London mayor made ‘very rude statements’ about me.”

Apparently the newly elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said that Trump’s comments on Islam were “ignorant.”

Trump’s response was (and I’m not kidding here) “I’m not stupid” and then challenged the Mayor to compare IQ tests.  Yes, Trump’s retort to the Mayor of London was what you would expect from a fat middle schooler facing a bully.

Prime Minister David Cameron called Trump’s statements on Muslims “divisive, stupid and wrong.”

Trump fired back at Cameron with “It looks like we’re not going to have a very good relationship. Who knows, I hope to have a good relationship with him but it sounds like he’s not willing to address the problem either.”

Keep in mind that the UK is our No. 7 trading partner by dollar value, and is widely considered by to be America’s closest ally.

So I find it very disconcerting that Donald Trump would risk relations with the UK over what could be considered the pettiest of insults.

Obama has not endeared the US to the British after a series of gaffes.  One would have hoped that our next president would be less of an ignoramus and try to repair our special relationship.

Trump, instead, has decided to make things worse, and he’s not even president yet.  Why?  Because he’s a narcissistic, childish, dunce.  I don’t care how much money he made.  He’s classless, and willing to risk America’s position on the world stage  because he feels personally affronted.

So I commented on the article with “He’s not even elected yet and already souring foreign relations with one of our closest allies.”

What I got in return was a level of vitriol from Trump supporters that could dissolve steel.

I was told that I was a traitor and a terrorist supporter for defending Khan.  I was called stupid, a troll, and told that I should kill myself.

For the record, I was not defending Khan.  He has been friendly with Muslim extremists and terrorism apologists.   He is a leading member of the Labour Party, which is suffering from a metastasized tumor of antisemitism.

But a good leader should respond to criticism with grace and dignity.   Reagan and G.W. Bush were burned in effigy by Communists and Liberals respectively, and neither lost their poise and acted like petulant children.

But my favorite comment was this:

Trump supporters

Wow.  What a clear and rational justification to vote for Donald Trump.  I have been completely convinced that he is head and shoulders above every other candidate for President since the beginning of the 2016 primaries.

Oh wait, no.  That’s just the same insult and bulling tactic that Trump himself uses.  Bobaloo really does aspire to be like Trump, using only “the best words” (what a fucking tragedy that clip is).

I don’t know what is worse, Trump or his supporters.  What I can tell you is that they are making it harder and harder for me to ever come around on Trump, because I don’t want to associate myself with those assholes.

I am not the only blogger to feel this way.  There are more and more of us every day to can’t handle the Trumper tactics.


11 Replies to “Hearts, Minds, and A**holes”

  1. Just look at the other choice. And do not fool yourself, there are only two choices, Mr. Trump of the GOP or Mrs. Clinton for the Democrats. I thought there were better choices in BOTH parties, but the will of the voters has spoken.

    Voting some third party or staying home is basically a half vote for Hillary. Do you trust Hillary to support your gun rights? I do not. Besides there are good people down ballot that need your vote, and some others that need to be retired. (Many others need to be retired, but they are not representing my district or state, so I can’t vote them out.)

    Look at the bright side! The media and the Democrats (BIRM) will provide effective opposition to Trump, unlike the feckless, craven, inept and thoroughly intimidated GOP Establishment has for Obama these last seven years.

    I will vote for my civil rights and the Second Amendment. I will vote Trump.

      1. To my knowledge, Trump has never arranged to have US ambassadors killed, run legal defense for a habitual rapist, or psychologically tormented rape victims in an attempt to provide legal defense for said victims’ rapist.

      2. that view is fomented by GOPe – who kept “conservatives” out of running for President for decades – saying that such and such could never win. NOW… when there is somebody who they say is not conservative… they say he is like the Dems…

        But wasn’t that the point when they picked Romney – a liberal GOP.. or what about a maverick like McCain?

        Riddle me this?

        If there is no difference… then why is it that the GOPe… the DEMS… the Media… the political pundits… the political doner class and their lobbyists… all appear to hate him? and not want him to win?

        it makes me wonder… why not you?

  2. Interesting that you position Trump as “risking relations” when he did not initiate the slights. I suspect that Cameron, Khan, and the British Parliament will need a relationship with Trump far more than Trump will need a relationship with them. They have all characterized him as stupid or an idiot including on the floor of Parliament. That is demonstrably false and he simply called it out while giving a clear signal that continuing their disparagement risks relations with the soon to be US President and the millions of US citizens that elected him.

    1. I chalk this up to typical British pretentiousness. It’s in their blood when dealing with Americans. Their feelings will come around after Trump wins the election.

  3. “So I find it very disconcerting that Donald Trump would risk relations with the UK over what could be considered the pettiest of insults.”

    The reason the Republican party is in such dire straights right now is because we’re so habitually afraid of risking relations with our enemies over petty insults that we’re afraid to do what’s right in the face of actual injustice.

    That’s what I like about Trump (and to be sure, it’s the ONLY thing I like about Trump). He’s a petulant egotist and a political moderate at best. He’s incapable of actually “Making America great again” on his own, but if he can teach the Republican party at large, and maybe even our enemies, that we don’t need to care what evil men think of us, then he can pave the way for a good president to come after.

    Having said that, hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and John McAfee can actually get some momentum. As the Republican party drifts left, another Conservative party will inevitably arise, but due to the nature of the 2-party system, it’ll pretty much come out of nowhere.

    One day, the Republican party will be relevant. The next, they’ll be the ones who you’re “throwing your vote away” by voting for.

  4. interesting that you seem to understand that the MSM stages their “news” on “gun violence” a certain way… but do NOT see it done in other areas.

    It is my opinion that Trump supports you much more that you support him. The likely reason that you got attacked is because some are simply giving up on being “civil” to those who do not agree with them – WHY.

    Because of social progressive liberals (SPL) who tear down a Pizza place… and a baker… and honest people who want to own and carry guns… and many other things.

    It may not be the right thing to toss you in the same bucket…. but if you cannot see it for what it is… then maybe (in some way) you are not that much different than the SPL. And I do not say this to insult. Simply check to see where you are coming from…

    THAT is what you have control over… not them or how they respond to you… think about it.

    And in my opinion… Rogers is right.

    What and how it was said by those in England… was a lot more than what many are reporting… and it does not make sense to say what they said…

    “If” the man wins the presidency. In this case… doesn’t it make sense to say that they are the ones who “risk”?

    For those outside the country… insult the President and you insult the country – or at least the people who voted for him/her.

    1. Frankly, when Trump wins, he should thank CNN, NBC, Clinton (both), Gore, Soros, Reid, Sanders, Boehner, Twitter, Facebook, Gawker, Huffpo, and every other blatantly corrupt or spineless politician and hilariously biased news source out there.

      Without their lies and failure, he never could have drummed up the base of voters who are just sick and tired of the lies and corruption of the Left. Just like Milo owes *his* newfound fame to the psychotic SJW craze sweeping educational institutions.

  5. …But since we’re talking about England:
    Is this the same UK that was paying bribes the jihadis around Basra to attack American troops instead of English ones, so the MoD could avoid embarrassing headlines?

    Yep- England’s official policy was to pay al-Sadr’s men to kill Americans, in order to save bad press at home. Tell me what Trump said that’s worse than that.

    (source: Richard North, “Ministry of Defeat”)

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