This is one of the craziest articles I’ve read.

Hyperwoke librarian at $60,000-a-year NYC private school who believes that gender is fake outrages parents with tweet saying ‘Burn straight white male librarianship to the ground’

Parents at a ritzy Manhattan private school are outraged by its ultra-woke librarian’s declaration that gender doesn’t exist – as well as a blood-curdling call for violence against her straight white male colleagues.

Ingrid Conley-Abrams, 43 – librarian at the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School – landed in hot water in August after parents came across a 2015 of hers saying ‘Burn White Straight Male Librarianship to the Ground.’

‘If a student posted that they want to burn down or shoot up a library they would be expelled,’ one mother told The Post, ‘In addition she’s claiming that gender is fake and she [tweeted] that she wants to keep students from matriculating in the Ivy League. Are parents aware this is what they are paying almost $60,000 a year for?’

That mother was referring to a 2020 tweet in which the librarian wrote ‘Sadly, the students at my school only go on to Ivy League colleges so I’ve truly failed them with my queer, free-wheeling godless radical hotbed of a library. :(‘

Parents also said their children have talked about how the librarian was ‘forever pushing’ books about gender identity, including Ibraham Kendi’s Stamped (For Kids): Racism, Anti-Racism and You.

Conley-Abrams is known to visit in classrooms to teach, according to The Post, and even appeared on a 2020 panel titled Talking to Children about Anatomy, Gender, Sexuality, Puberty and Pregnancy geared at discussing the topics with pre-k through first graders.

‘Ingrid was introduced as a ‘gender expert’ on the panel, which was weird enough to begin with but is typical of what’s going down at New York City private schools,’ one mother said, ‘Why is a librarian also a ‘gender expert’? And why is there a panel about talking about gender and sex and pregnancy to four and five-year-olds?’

A Columbia mother told The Post the experience with Conley-Abrams was becoming emblematic of the situation in New York City schools, and parents who disapprove feel powerless to speak up.

‘It is really difficult for parents. They don’t want any of this. They want a school aligned with their family values.’

‘But if you speak up about this publicly your kid is likely to get kicked out of school and you and your husband could lose your job. It’s not fair.’

I’m not going to dunk on these parents, I feel bad for them.

New York City public schools are shitholes of Wokeness and violence.  The few NYC public magnet schools have also gone Woke so are now actively discriminating on the basis of race.

So what are parents who want the best for their children to do?

Private school.  That’s why private schools exist.

I went to one.  My parents sent me to a private parochial college prep school.

Part of that system is that the school is supposed to be responsive to the desires of the parents.

When a few of us kids wanted AP chemistry, our parents told the school and the school hired an AP chemistry teacher with a PhD in chemistry to teach us.  He also taught AP physics when we moved on to that level.

This school has inverted that model.

The parents are held hostage.

The school hires an insane Wokey who fills the library with pedophile grooming racist Wokeness, and when the parents complain they librarian and administration threatens the parents.

This is the ultimate weaponization of identity politics.

“You will give us $60k a year and will will teach your children garbage against your will, and if you complain we will destroy your reputation with accusations of bigotry.”

That’s effectively extortion.

I’ve gone from warning about violence to actively hoping for it.

I don’t see a peaceful solution to this.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Held hostage to insanity”
  1. “I’ve gone from warning about violence to actively hoping for it.

    I don’t see a peaceful solution to this.”

    Being an old fart, such as myself, I’m not yet hoping for violence, but from 60 years of adult experience, there was never a possibility of a peaceful solution. There is no negotiating with evil/demoncrats/muslimes/fascists/communists/libtards/morons/etc. I know, I repeated myself.

  2. “New York City public schools are shitholes of Wokeness and violence. The few NYC public magnet schools have also gone Woke so are now actively discriminating on the basis of race.”

    This is a not an unintentional consequence of wokwness, it is a deliberate action to keep minorities and the lower classes ignorant and pliable.

    The following is personal example of how this worked in 1960’s Louisiana. In 1963 between my 6th and 7th grade years, our family moved from Utah to New Orleans. I was enrolled in public school, because that’s how we thought things were done. I was bored to tears, the subject mater we were being taught was stuff I’d learned in the fourth grade in Utah. As a result I let my grades slip simply because I couldn’t see busting my ass to learn stuff I already knew. At that time, New Orleans public schools were “desegregated” in law if not in fact. What we didn’t realize was that the powers that be in New Orleans didn’t give a crap about the public schools. If you were black, or white trash, you went to public school, if you had something on the ball, and weren’t black, you went to private school (effectively, Catholic school). Eventually, with the help of our banker, I was setup to enter one of the most prestigious Catholic schools (think school tie, old boy network school), however, we moved to Los Angeles before the term started.

    I see the same racist crap in the liberal controlled big cities, this time camouflaged in liberal wokeness.

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