Another day, another Lefty tantrum.

On any other day I’d just ignore it, but then she said “Nazis are shooting my people.”  From that, I presume that she’s Jewish.

I’ve written two posts praising Rabbi Jeffery Meyers for his behavior after the Tree of Life shooting.  He had every opportunity to elevate his status in the #Resistance by denouncing Trump, blaming the President or the GOP (or both) for the shooting, calling Trump a Nazi or white supremacist, or engaging in any of the other histrionics that the radical Left has been.  He would have been paraded around on the shoulders of Leftists and made into a hero.

Instead he did the patriotic thing and welcomed the President and First Family to the memorial as an American citizen, discovered that Trump and First Family are decent people, and said so to the media.  For this Rabbi Meyers has been insulted, called a Nazi supporter, a dupe, told he was suckered by a conman, and threaded with violence.

This girl is the polar opposite of Rabbi Meyers and it is painful to watch.  She is every bit an embarrassment to the Jewish community as Rabbi Meyers has been an paragon of it.

This girl’s assertion that Republican students supporting Ron DeSantis, and by extension Trump, is unhinged.

I severely doubt Nazi Trump would have brought his Orthodox daughter (who dresses shomer shabbos) and and son-in-law to a Synagogue memorial to lay stones.

Yesterday, the Ron DeSantis campaign tweeted this:

Hard to believe that guy is a Nazi.

This girl has bough into the media’s linguistic misdirection and  deliberate conflation of the evils of ethno-nationalism with the patriotic idea of prioritizing the needs of your citizens (call it Classical Nationalism).

Worse, she supports communism.  Another student points out that she is wearing a Hammer and Sickle button.  That being the symbol of the Soviet Union.

I guess this poor girl never learned about Stalin’s mass murder and exile of Soviet Jews.  Or that he, like Hitler, targeted Jewish Bolsheviks.  It’s just that Stalin killed so many people, that his antisemitism and murder of millions of Soviet Jews just ended up obscured by his hatred and mass murder of eight million Ukrainians and about 10 million other Soviet citizens.

She goes on to mock the idea the the Nazis were socialists.  I had to look this up.  It seems that the prevailing argument that the Nazis were not socialists comes from the fact that Hitler was not an “egalitarian socialist” who wanted to eradicate socioeconomic class and have the means of production owned by the people.

“Egalitarian Socialism” is the euphemism for Marxism, and Hitler wasn’t a Marxist.  Rather than try to take over the means of production by violent revolution, the way the Soviets did, he made the (non-Jewish) owners of all the major German industries members of the political class and nationalized their industries.  The result was the same, with a centrally planned economy, goverment mandated wages, and all the same required oppression.

Marx killed the business owners and put his friends in the government in charge.  Hitler made the business owners his friends and put them in the government.

Since the hallmark of Socialism is a centrally planned economy, they are both two terrible flavors from the same bag of suckers.  The essential conflict between Hitler and Stalin wasn’t ideology, it was who was going to be in charge.

A well educated person would know this.

Instead, this girl was taught:

GOP = Right Wing = Nazis = evil
Socialist = Left Wing = good intentions.

Only a person of incalculable ignorance would side with the Communists.  Double that for a Jew who would side with the party to Stalin.

This girl’s parents failed her.  They failed to teach her history or critical thinking.

They created an ignorant  and petulant child who knows nothing about the world but is totally assured that she is right in her morals.

I hope her parents see this and have a long sit down with her – unless they are a crazy as she is.

God help her, because her Commie friends won’t.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Her parents failed her”
  1. Somewhat obscure: the USSR created a new ghetto for Jews, called the “Jewish Oblast”. It’s tucked away in a remote corner of Eastern Siberia. Why that place was chosen is not clear — perhaps because it was the most remote and most inhospitable spot available.

  2. “I hope her parents see this and have a long sit down with her – unless they are a crazy as she is.”

    I can guarantee to the point of (in the words of John McLaughlin) ‘metaphysical absolute certitude’ that little Miss CollegeCommie’s parents are just as much commies as she is. They didn’t ‘fail’ her. They enabled and propagandized her and the CollegeCommieProfessors reinforced her stupidity.

    All she did was self-identify when the time comes.

  3. Yes, Nazis were leftists. They even said so.
    I think it’s one of the biggest lies told after the war, that the Nazis were “conservatives”.
    It’s a lie that has poisened the political climate in all of the first world and has made a proper political discurse in Germany impossible.

    I hail from a village near Dessau, where Hugo Junkers had his factory. He was disowned by the Nazis because he did not want to work with them. But somehow that and the fact that they planned the whole economy and forced the workers into one big union does not make them socialist – for reasons unknown.

    1. For reasons that post war Leftists wanted to distance themselves from the evil of the Nazis. Remember at in the US, the “newspaper of record,” won a Pulitzer Prize for Walter Duranty’s totally white washing coverage of the Soviet Union.

      The Left couldn’t continue to preach their ideology if they were shoulder to shoulder with the Nazis. So in one of the greatest conspiracies ever engaged in by Academic Leftists, the Nazis were made “Far Right” and aligned with Conservatism.

      Trying to dispel the myth of the Right Wing Nazi have been a Sisyphean challenge.

      1. Stalin declared National Socialism a “right-wing deviation” from Marxism. Through the Comintern he controlled the Communist parties around the world. The communists called Nazis “right wing”, the useful idiots liked the sound of it, and that’s been the Pravda ever since.

        1. Stalin was correct, in a sense, that National Socialism was “to the right” of International Socialism.

      2. I was going to post how that other than the whole anti-Semitism thing, the Left would agree with a whole lot of the actual National Socialist platform… but, the Left also likes their anti-Semitism almost as much.

    2. Who said Nazis are “conservatives”? They are right wing, however. They aren’t the same thing. They are right wing because they placed an emphasis on “traditional values”, the primacy of German culture, nationalism, morality, etc. The far left has most of the same mechanics, but they believe in destroying traditional culture, morality, the church, wiping out national boundaries, etc. So no one is going to call Nazis “conservatives”, but they share certain beliefs with conservatives. Or at least with our traditional understanding of what “Conservative” means. Because of course there is no fixed definition of what a “conservative” is, it’s all relative to what the radicals happen to be. Some people are social conservatives, economic conservatives. American conservatives conserve the liberal ideas of the Founders. Others swing more right. UK conservatives either promote the traditional values against the progressives, or they could be monarchists who want to return the system of 1800. It all depends.

  4. She also screeches at one point that she’s a History major. Which means her professors have failed her. (Intellectually, at least. Academically, she’s probably getting a 4.00.) I never did pursue my history degree beyond the BA level, but it saddens me to see how far the once respected discipline has fallen.

  5. I’d love to see a student sue a college for fraud on the grounds of “after I graduated, I discovered everything I learned was objectively wrong.”

    1. Considering most academic disciplines are now controlled by people who don’t believe in the concept of “objective” anymore…

  6. The number of people who think that national socialism is fundamentally different from international socialism, rather than a step-brother of it, is staggering.
    Enough so to note that
    1) it’s deliberate
    2) Lefty teachers employed by a Lefty system and receiving Lefty paychecks don’t like to admit that they’re The Man, and part of the same basket of deplorables as Hitler and Stalin. I think some socialist once remarked something about telling a big lie often enough that it becomes truth.

    As I told one dimwit commenting on my blog, if the word “Socialist” in National Socialist German Worker’s Party” isn’t a major cluebat, I can’t help you.

    1. There have been times I’ve pointed out what the “S” in NSDAP meant… and been told, “Well they were lying!”.

      1. Oh no, I’d reply, they were all about guaranteed employment, generous social benefits, free education, free childcare, subsidized low cost housing, and all the other stuff Leftist think is so desirable.

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