Some oil executives were questioned on Congress.

These were some of the exchanges:

In reality, Chevron may have broken the law by firing white men to use layoffs to boost diversity.

ConocoPhillips hired executives to boost diversity and inclusion.

The big oil and gas companies have donated to BLM, conduct “anti-racism” training on their employees, and waste huge sums of money on diversity initiatives.

The oil industry has gone woke at the Executive level.

And still the Squad burns them in Congress.

So here is my question:

Was it worth it?

Was all the money wasted on going woke worth it?

Did if buy you any good will?

Do you feel like Leftist in Congress cut you any slack because you fired white men on rigs extracting oil and hired minorities for make-work office jobs about diversity and inclusion, and environmental justice?

Because as a conservative who believes in energy independence, I want a robust oil and gas industry that bolsters the American economy.

But as a conservative, I hate the fuck out of Wokeness.

So while I should be your best ally, I also want to watch you go broke for going woke.

You fed the crocodile your left arm and now realize it’s not satiated and wants to eat the rest of you, and because of your actions your former friends don’t want to save you from the crocodile.

So I’ll ask you again, was going woke worth it?

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Here is my Congregational question”
  1. I’m reminded of Smith & Wesson nearly going under as a result of surrendering to the victim disarmers.

  2. You’d think with all the examples out there, corps would have learned the lesson by now. Appeasement is a very dangerous strategy … and generally poor tactics.

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