Gilroy Garlic Festival day after shooting
Gilroy Garlic Festival day after shooting

California passed legislation that allows people to sue gun manufacturers, distributors, and retailers for others misusing their products.

In 2019 some asshole shot up the California garlic festival. Now that Bruen has dropped the maggots are coming out to feast on the bodies.

The lawsuit seeks damages and injunctive relief from Century Arms LLC for marketing and selling the WASR-10 military-style assault rifle the shooter used to carry out the horrific act that killed three people and injured 17 others. According to Scarlett Law Group and Brady Legal, the company was “negligent and reckless” for manufacturing and selling “a weapon of war” that can too easily be modified to fire automatically.
Why Is Century Arms LLC Liable?

The addition off Century Arms to the lawsuit was approved by Santa Clara County Superior Court after California passed laws enabling citizens to individually sue corporations and individuals doing commerce in arms.

In addition to the Scarlett Law Group suit there seems to be others that are suing Century Arms.

This is the second prong on the most recent attack on the Second Amendment. The first being to declare so many sensitive places that it is impossible to carry and the other to use lawfare to drive people and corporations engaging in the legal commerce in arms to be driven out of business via the costs of defending themselves.

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Family of California shooting victims sue gun distributor

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One thought on “Here we go, PLCAA be damned”
  1. Well, then. It would be really ironic if this goes forward and turns into an own-goal.
    Specifically … If any semiauto is really a machine gun, then clearly machine guns are in common use and the NFA is thereby found unconstitutional.

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