This blog (mostly yours truely) has covered the Sam Brinton affair.

The Biden Administration hired for the Senior Executive Service at the Department of Energy a gay, non binary, radical activist, who published more about gay puppy play kink and BDSM anything about nuclear energy.

But he had a degree from MIT which was enough to cover hiring a degenerate diversity hire into a SES position.

He was arrested for stealing luggage and was fired.

The story doesn’t stop there.



This dude is a fucking psychopath who steals women’s clothing to wear.

He’s not satisfied with just buying women’s clothing, he takes it.

I doubt he was lucky enough to just randomly steal a bag from a fashion designer.  My guess is that he stalked her.

This is what the Biden Administration put into Executive Service for diversity points.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “He’s a freaking psycho”
  1. It is a luxury afforded to a wealthy nation to care about diversity/equality/etc… But, when you place caring about those squishy things before maintaining and growing that wealth, you will lose both.

  2. You want diversity and equality? Take people’s names and genders off their resumes when they’re submitted. Let their work experience stand on its own. If a woman can take down a man 3 times her size and hump out his limp body from a war zone, great, she can be a soldier. If a man turns out to be the better stay at home parent and excels at keeping a beautiful home, awesome, be a stay at home parent. If someone who doesn’t want to expose their gender or is asexual or whatever applies for a job with and impresses Awa with their programming, I’m pretty sure they’d get hired, regardless of what they wore. Meh.
    Diversity and equality are not always good things. Sometimes they become the problems they’re trying to overcome.

    1. You can try that. And what will happen is, the results still won’t be “equitable” or “fair” or whatever in someone’s eyes, so the system will need to be “fixed to address the bias” or some such.

    2. The leftists are not wanting “equality”, they want “equity”, a whole new insanity.
      Also, that whacktard needs a ventilation hole straight through it’s cranium.

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