He’s a manly man

This from Politico

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an 85 year old Jewish grandmother.

This is a species of creature I know a lot about.

It’s not her workout that is keeping her alive.  She is not going to die out of pure spite for Trump.

That this 27 year old man boy was nearly broke by RGB’s work out is more of an indictment of him than praise for her.

Then again, just remember how bad their lord and savior President Obama looked when he was caught working out.

I think the end of this Politico video should have a voice over “then you should talk to your doctor about a testosterone supplement.”

They just need to start putting it in the water in blue areas of the country like fluoride, that may actually solve a lot of problems.


5 Replies to “He’s a manly man”

  1. That’s odd, an article about RBG’s hardcore workout, so strenuous a 27yr old male can not complete it. It’s almost like they are trying to hard to hide something…but what, what could possibly be wrong with an alcoholic old woman, God why can’t you give us a clue!

  2. Notice how she is only exercising her “left” side of her body. It is apparently the only part that works in her routine as well as in her judicial life.

  3. The the testosteronization of our water supply is the greatest anti-communist conspiracy this country has ever seen…

    It may get me to move my drinking habits from 100% pure grain alcohol and distilled rain water

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