I saw Miguel’s post on this, and I thought I’d give my perspective.


If you know anything about Leftist rhetorical tactics, you know they try to make arguments by conflating two things.

For example:

They will say something about how “immigrants actually commit crimes at a rate lower than native born Americans” and then go on to defend illegal immigrants.

It’s misdirection by conflating.

It’s true that legal immigrants who entered America on visas and with background checks do commit crimes at a lower rate than legal immigrants.  Our system selects good people, and the legal immigrants know that if they break the law, they will be deported.

Illegal immigrants commit crimes at a higher rate than native born Americans. Arguably, a rate of 100% if you count the initial act of illegally crossing the border to begin with.

The Left knows this, but can only “win” their argument defending illegal immigrants by conflating crime statistics about legal and illegal immigration.

In the gun world, for decades, the Left talked a out the “gun show loophole.”

They would conflate a dealer with a booth who had to run NICS checks on buyers, with the lone private citizen who was selling one personally owned gun. Thats not a loophole, thats the law. They can’t be honest and explain that or their fear mongering falls flat.

So what is Biden talking about here.

I used to live outside of Chicago. Chicago has a terrible problem with illegal guns.

You cannot own a gun in Illinois without a permit called a FOID. So how do all those criminals without permits get guns?

The black market. There are guys who deal in illegal goods, guns and drugs most frequently.

Their two major sources of illegal guns are guns stolen from people’s homes (lock up your guns), or straw purchases from dows state or out of state.

So yes, you can buy a gun in Chicago from the trunk of a car.

That guy is a criminal, he’s always been a criminal, and the biggest problem is that those guys rarely were every prosecuted adequately for illegal arms trafficking.

So here is Biden conflating fences and black marketeers with FFL dealers.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s a senile old man with pudding for brains, he’s a Leftist lying by conflation the way Leftist do, or both.

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By J. Kb

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