Bobby Crimo, 22, ID’d as person of interest in deadly Highland Park parade shooting

A person of interest has been identified in Monday’s deadly mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade outside Chicago, authorities said.

Officials ID’d the man as 22-year-old Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III — who they said they believe is armed and dangerous.

Here is his picture:


And from his Facebook:


The UK Independent is reporting:

An online profile matching Mr Crimo’s age and description appeared to show he is a musician who performs under the name Awake the Rapper.

Now I could be very wrong, but this guy looks like a drug addled Antifa goon and is probably not an NRA member or white supremacist.

I will keep watch for further details.


Apparently it’s trending online that he was a Trump supporter because there is a picture of him at a Trump rally.

This is the picture:


He’s dressed as Waldo from the Where’s Waldo series of books.

He wasn’t there as a Trump supporter.

He was there fucking around for social media.


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “Highland Park shooter has been identified – Update”
  1. This is not possible. Highland Park banned semi-auto assault weapons back in 2013.

    Must be a mass hallucination.

  2. I won’t believe he’s Antifa until they report his previous convictions on sex offenses.

    (He does look the part, doesn’t he?)

  3. Apparently leftists are claiming he’s a Trump supporter, because there are photos of him at a Trump rally and with a Trump flag.

    They seem to believe we’ve forgotten leftists attacking Trump supporters at rallies.

  4. Most likely a left wing nutball. ‘Known to authorities’. Posted stuff on Youtube basically stating what he was going to do. All his social media being scrubbed so we can’t see what else he was saying.

    This will be memory holed.

  5. Whatever he paid for that harlequen jacket, it was too much.

    Re. the symbols on his patch and on the one on the dresser. They look like “Viking” or “Norse Pagan” wanna-be stuff I’ve seen around. They are neither Norse nor really associated with current neo-pagan groups. (I didn’t do a hard image search, just going off what I’ve seen and not seen.)

  6. Another left wing wannabe… He’s going to get his 15 minutes of ‘fame’… and six people are dead because this is another one that ‘slipped through the cracks’…

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