Keep telling a guy to put his hands to fight after he pulled a gun and kept backing up.

Dear sweet jeebuz that was some really stupid shit to do.

He didn’t have to learn that lesson the hard way but his ego made him do it.

Full breakdown with additional video:


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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “His ego wrote a check his body couldn’t cash – update”
  1. Man / mæn / Noun, Plural: Men
    1. A tool-using species of ape.

    He fought like a man. You grunted like a boar and then screamed like a stuck pig.

  2. Sucks to be him.

    Don’t know anything about what was going on other than the half minute in the video. Why the guy with the gun didn’t keep backing away, etc.

    1. Just a guess, but on the one hand, backing up (while arguably the best choice here) can only be done for so long before you’re out of your mental map of the area … and even then, there’s always the risk of not being where you think you are and going over a curb, smacking a root, or something that would lead to a stumble or fall.
      Would you trust the guy’s behavior were that to happen? Given just what we saw, I’m not at all certain I would … nor would I really care to glance over my shoulder to have a look as to what’s there.

  3. Huh. I’m kind of curious as to what happened between these two in the, say, 5 minutes before this scene.
    Any idea where / when this happened?

    1. Watch the second video. The one who got shot was waiting for the shooter in ambush. Apparently there was a history there. From a self defense legal standpoint, what that history was is immaterial.

      1. Agreed, but the background does provide some insight as to why he shot when he did.
        In any case, thanks to J.Kb for posting “the rest of the story.”

  4. that hand to hand shit is overrated.. you mess your hair, hurt your hands and get blood on your shoes.
    the clown is beyond stupid. here, the guy solved his problem without hurting himself. works for me

  5. Reading a little further into this on Twatter (and I feel dumber already because of the responses), the assailant (Shirt guy), had a history of threatening his neighbor who had then gotten a restraining order against him. Shirt guy waited until his neighbor got home by himself and accosted him in the street. While he removed his shirt, threatening to beat the defender and take his gun from him, the defender saw that shirt guy had a knife in his pocket and took appropriate steps to mitigate the threat after creating distance and verbally warning him off.
    Lots of back and forth on Twatter over why did the defender have to shoot the shirt guy instead of just “fighting him like a man”.
    IANAL disclaimer: All of us who frequent this blog know that fisticuffs can easily result in death or great bodily harm and the addition of verbal threats and display of a knife are all the reason one needs to use deadly force. This happened in Phoenix AZ, so there is no duty to retreat on the books, though the defender did retreat sufficiently to gain distance. though more would have been better in my opinion. Shirt guy got much too close for my comfort.

  6. “SHOOT ME!”. Said the man who was shot.

    From what I understand the person defending himself hired an attorney to defend himself, at no small cost, should the DA choose to prosecute. This is a very good example of where one of the various self defense insurance companies could come in handy. I use and recommend second call defense.

    1. USCCA here.
      It’s the insurance I hope most to never use, and expect to be the most grateful for should we need to.

  7. Thanks for the ASP link. Saves me from digging it up.
    Well, getting shot didn’t “blow his lungs out”, so it’s probably just a .380. 🙂

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