Let me tell you exactly what is going on here.

This dude is a pervert.  He has a fetish for lesbians and wants to have sex with one.

He is making the laziest effort, that requires the least amount of physical transformation, to call himself a lesbian transwoman.

He is engaging in predatory rapist behavior.

Not “choke a woman out and rape her unconscious body” rape, he’s far to weak for that.

He is emotionally and psychologically manipulative.  He has crafted a Progressive jargon word-salad argument that he thinks will allow him to bully and coerce a Progressive lesbian into having sex with him.

That’s what this video is.

A psychologically manipulative, lesbian fetishist, pervert trying out his bullying argument in public, fishing for Progressive lesbians who come to his defense.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “His identity is pervert”
  1. Let me be clear:

    If HugeMegaCorp, where I have worked for the last 15 years, decides that employees need to identify their pronouns, I am declaring myself a transgender, transracial, transreligious lesbian and HOW DARE THEY QUESTION MY IDENTITY

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