My wife has gotten me into the INCREDIBLE musical, Hamilton.  It is a Broadway musical based on the life of one of our most important and underrated Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton.  Even if Hip-Hop is not your thing, the music is AWESOME.

Alexander Hamilton is most famous for being our first Secretary of the Treasury.  As a Founding Father, this sort of puts him on the back seat of American history to the Founders who were presidents (Washington, Adams, and Jefferson) and those who were known for their political musings (Ben Franklin).  In fact, Hamilton is responsible for American’s economic system, which lead to America being the greatest economic powerhouse in human history.  A feat Hamilton deserves more credit for.  (Also, this is one of the few things that if I could go back in time and influence the Founders on, I’d want more Hamiltonian protections to economic liberty enshrined into the Constitution.)

One of the more interesting things about the musical is how much time it spends covering the personal life of Alexander Hamilton.  It covers in great detail Hamilton’s marriage and the friendly and antagonistic relationship he had with Aaron Burr over the course of his life.  The musical also covers that fact the Hamilton was an accomplished writer, lawyer, political philosopher, and … ladies man.  Even noting the factoid that First Lady Martha Washington named her tomcat Hamilton, due to his propensity to get around.

Hamilton’s reputation as America’s financial Founder was almost ruined because of America’s first sex scandal.  Hamilton stepped out on his wife with name Maria Reynolds.  Her husband blackmailed Hamilton to the tune of $1,000.  Hamilton was then accused of speculation on wages of Revolutionary soldiers to come up with the $1,000.  Maria Reynolds divorces her husband after the blackmail and her attorney was Aaron Burr, the future Vice President of the United States and the man who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton.

Funny thing is, this is not the first time at a Founding Father having a little fun on the side changed the direction of history.

The accusation that Thomas Jefferson had a bit of the ol’ jungle fever with one of his house slaves is not a new SJW rewriting of history.  It was levied against him in 1802, while he was in office as the second President of the United States.

Then there was Benjamin Franklin, our most lecherous Founding Father.  Ben, who was no spring chicken, let it be known in publication that he had a bit of a thing for older women.  Ben spent much of the Revolution in France, helping to fund the Colonies’ war effort with his penis.  Nope, not kidding.  Franklin had a knack for lovin’ up rich French widows and getting them to contribute money and influence to help the Colonies as pillow talk.  The reason that Jefferson replaced Franklin as our Minister to France was that Franklin managed to love some money out of some aristocratic French widows, who didn’t happen to be widows while Franking was being persuasive.

There are a lot more stories of our Founders like this.  Don’t for a second think that I am diminishing the Founders by saying this.  They were great men.  They created the first society in which men were equal under the law.  What they accomplished had never before been done, and really has never  been done since.  The words they used to create this nation made us the global superpower we are today.  But like other great men of history, they had great ambitions, and great appetites.  That’s what makes history fun.

Three cheers to our Pounding Founding Fathers.


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By J. Kb

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  1. Yes it was. The point of the allegation was to embarrass Jefferson, possibly to the point where he would step down from office or lose reelection. The terms used to describe Jefferson’s affair were a lot worse than the euphemism that I employed.

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