Carolyn McCarthy is a name that should strike fear into the hearts of gun owners everywhere.  She was known as “the gun lady” and was the most ardent anti-gun member of Congress for a long time.  She ran entirely on a platform of gun control and her singular goal in Congress was to impose as much gun control as she could could.

She ran for Congress and got elected because her husband was a victim of the 1993 Long Island Rail Road massacre.

That’s sad and tragic, but she took her grief and did her best to collectively punish America’s law abiding gun owners because of it.  She often employed guilt as her motivating tactic.  Begging other law makers to pass gun control to “let [her] go home.”  She finally retired after nine terms in office, having done nothing but fight for gun control.

The Democrats, it seems, have found their next Carolyn McCarthy.

Retweeted and endorsed by David Hogg:

Lucy McBath’s son was Jordan Davis, who was killed by Michael Dunn in a bad shoot in Jacksonville.  He is one of the VPC’s “concealed carry killers” and has been a stain on the FL CCW system.

After the Parkland shooting, she became motivated to run for Congress and now McBath has won the Democrat primary in GA-6.

Of course, winning a primary is now the Democrat standard for monumental success an rising stardom.  Praise is being heaped on her and she is being compared to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  That is apt as she knows virtually nothing but is full of righteous anger.

The good news is that GA-6 has not elected a Democrat to Congress in 40 years.

The bad news is that she is a black woman with a murdered son drawing on every intersectional victim and sympathy point she can.  It’s going to be hard to debate her without the media dumping on Rep Handel for “attacking the mother of a murder victim.”

There is noting worse than a single issue Congressperson, especially on gun control.

The gun owners of GA-6 are going to have to come out this election and vote for Handel.

I fell bad for what this woman went through.  But the death of her son is not a reason to strip the rights of millions of gun owners across the nation.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Hogg has anointed the next Carolyn McCarthy”
  1. Slim chance of winning, 6th has been reliably Red.
    Just don’t get complacent, get out and vote gun owners.

  2. Maybe instead of Moms Demand Action, they should change their name to moms demand to know who the father of their kids are that were shot that he never supported. Get your people straightened up before you start pointing fingers at other people. Disgrace

  3. I saw her on PBS once, she is clueless about guns, just hates all thing gun and all gun people

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