Hollywood adopts and adapts the Mosin Nagant Derp.

As a Gun Person, unless you do not have internet you have seen (and suffered) these conversions at least once.


Leave it to Hollywood to out-derp the Mosin-Nagan Cult derp.

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I am ignorant about bolt-action rifles, but I am pretty sure that scope is kinda useless other than looking cool in screen.

And yes, it is another Liam Neeson action movie. I think it is “Taken, Part 16: Death by Global Warming” or something like that

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  1. WTAF!?!?

    I own 2 Mosin Nagant rifles. Love ’em. They kick like a healthy mule.
    If Liam Neeson can shoot this “conversion” shown above with real 7.62x54R rifle bullets, one-handed & without destroying his wrist, I’ll give him a hummer with no strings attached.

  2. I think that thing right there is the definitive definition of abomination.

    PS: I wonder, how long did it take them to get BATF approval for it? That is if it’s a real Mosin/

  3. SMLE smoke grenade launcher – cut down and bolted to the side of a tank with a large cup screwed to the muzzle to hold the grenade, No8 MkIV Smoke Cartridges.

  4. Where I’ve seen this done, it is a makeshift concealable gun for criminals in places where handguns are rare but rifles are more common. I’ve seen pictures of mutilations like these come out of Australia and the UK where so and so’s grandpa had the rifle left over from the Home Guard days.

    I’m also pretty sure that accuracy doesn’t so much matter with one of these. If the bullet doesn’t get you, the muzzle blast will light you on fire.

  5. Reminds me of a “file” video of some random terrorist in some random middle-eastern village that gets played on the local TV news from time to time when they need an image like that. At one point it shows one of the bad guys shooting a scoped AK-47, either from the hip or held at arm’s length.

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