The United States of New York and California with everyone else being told to shut up and obey.

Really embracing the idea of a Constitutional Republic with that one.

This is how civil wars and balkanization happens.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Hollywood celebrity wants a second Civil War”
  1. Typical child, errr… leftist (what’s the difference?)
    “You do what I tell you to do! If you don’t, I will throw a tantrum!”

  2. We see how this plays out at the state level, where there is no balancing representation by political entity (town/township/county/etc), just representation by population. Illinois (Chicago), Missouri (St. Louis, Kansas City), New York (NYC, Connecticut (Hartford, New Haven) and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburg) are just some examples and it does not bode well for the areas outside the population centers, so we need to resist this thinking whenever and wherever it pops up.

  3. Who’s telling her to do anything? If this is about Roe being tossed, New York and California are free to chase “peri-natal abortion”. Although I suspect that one will fall afoul of due process and equal protection, since the left really means infanticide when they use that term.

  4. Wanda Sykes: “Why do they tell get to tell us what to do, where the majority of us live out, New York, California, and we are paying for all this crap, really?”

    Answering a question with a question: Why do YOU who live out, New York, California, etc., get to tell US what to do?

    In a pure democracy, you might be able to. But — and I’m not the only one getting tired of saying this — we don’t live in a democracy; we live in a Constitutional Republic. It was designed with the express purpose of preventing exactly what you’re alluding to, Ms. Sykes: the majority trampling the rights and livelihoods of the minority.

    And you benefit from that as well. Otherwise, all us racist white people could vote to re-enslave all black people, and there’s nothing you could do about it, because hey, “Majority rules.”

    So sit down, shut up, and learn some history. The grown-ups are talking.

  5. Well, idiot, assuming you’re talking about Dobbs, you then agree with the Court. The court’s specific ruling was that one court should NOT tell every state what they could or could not do.
    Congratulations. You agree with the Dobbs majority.

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