The YouTube algorithm got me again.

I got hit with the ad for the re-edited Sonic the Hedgehog trailer:

What I find odd is that usually I get the trailers BEFORE the release date, I got this one a week after.  That’s a bad sign.

You might remember that they tried to release the movie before Christmas, but there was backlash because the Sonic in that trailer was “nightmare-inducing,” so it was delayed.

Having watched both trailers now, I want to know who exactly was this movie made for?

Sonic was cool on the Sega Genesis, but failed in the Sega Saturn which came out in 1996.  So anybody with fond memories of Sonic couldn’t have been older than 10 in 1995 so has to be in their mid 30’s, and we’re not going to see this turd and we’re not going to sit through it while our kids watch it either.

When Paramount decided not to release this move just before the premiere, I agreed that this was a perfect example of when a late-term abortion for convenience is acceptable.

But unlike a real baby, they decided to resuscitate this deformed brain-child and let it loose into the world.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Hollywood finds a baby that survived a partial birth abortion worth resuscitating”
  1. I’ll say this: it was a good film and a return to form for Jim Carrey. The Mask/Ace Ventura days. I enjoyed it, but mostly because of Carrey as Robotnik, and that’s what my friends said that sold it to me.

    Watch it whenever it comes out on streaming services.

  2. Who was this movie made for? The fans. I think a lot of people who went to go see the movie that would not have went to see it because it was postponed and sonic was designed properly. After all it had The biggest opening weekend ever of any movie based upon a video game. So it must be doing something right.And people say Jim Carrey did an excellent job even though he has a terminal case of stage 4 TDS and has gone completely goddamn insane in the past four years. And not like how he acts crazy but has actually suffered a legit mental breakdown and needs actual psychiatric help. You can’t tell.

  3. I had given consideration to go see this movie, as the producers and directors listened to the feedback of the movie watching community, and made much needed changes to the design of the main character.
    But then I discovered a single name attached to the project:

    Yea, no, fuck that. You’re not getting my money now. sorry.

  4. Sorry Jusuchin and kudos to sota…Jim Carrey is a deal killer.

    His anti-Second Amendment rants put him on my banned list.
    It is all I can do to retaliate against liberal loud-mouth ignorant thugs.

    Look at Dick’s for an example of how we win if patriots stick together.

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