Biden’s agenda is in the shutters along with his polling numbers so Hollywood is going to make the Right the enemy in a Leni Riefenstahl like production with a fictionalized version of J6 to scare the shit put of voters just before midterms.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Hollywood goes all Leni Riefenstahl in coming to Biden’s rescue”
  1. Yall actually think this will change We the Peoples mind? Everything left they have trotted out has blown up in thier face. America is tired of the screaming dancing monkeys cryin the sky is falling. November WILL be the tell

    1. Assuming the elections are, if not “fair and free,” then at least the cast ballots exceed the margins of fraud.

  2. Fox and Tucker Carlson should try to do a theatrical release of their January 6 documentary the same week. They could update it with more / different Capitol footage. It would be amazing to see what anti-competitive and monopolistic methods Hollywood would pull to prevent that from happening.

  3. Didn’t a similar thing lead to Citizens United?

    Film released just before the election designed to sway voters. Thought the Dems abhorred the Citizens United ruling, but here they are… benefitting from it.

  4. Since J6 is our Reichstag fire it’s appropriate that someone is making a Triumph of Will, although Biden will need some serious bigging up since he has the charisma of soggy Cheerios and the oratorical skills of a pet rock, unlike Shickelgruber who really could whip them up.

  5. With the way movies are nowadays: a flop no one sees that get roasted online and see it for the propaganda it is.

    Anyone remember the name of that Big budget gun control propaganda movie? I don’t remember. I remember it existing. This will be the same.

    1. ‘Miss Sloane’. Bombed hard. Budget of $13 million, box office receipts of $3.5 million.

      It’s right up there with ‘The Truth’ which attempted to rehabilitate Dan Rather’s reputation and failed miserably.

      1. Exactly. All this movie is going to be is ego stroking for the ones who made it and red meat for the far left base. Other than that no one else gives a shit.

        I mean what else does CNN and MSNBC talk about? A year later and they still talk about Trump 50+ percent more than they do about Biden. Over 80 probably 90% of all of their coverage is just January 6 stuff. It is literally all they are capable of talking about. I mean they’re not going to talk about Biden. I bet they’re not gonna talk about his press conference unless they heavily edit it and only show the clips were he doesn’t show his brain has turned into a mush of Alzheimer’s.

      2. I was thinking of those Iraq War movies that bombed. I had completely forgot about those more recent failures.

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