Politics is downstream of the culture.

When I talk about a national divorce, it’s not just politics, it’s the totality of the cultural divide in America.

If we had a more common culture, and only disagreed about the minutiae of governance, I wouldn’t feel this way.

But we don’t.

Take California and Georgia for instance.

Georgia is now the the No. 1 filming location in the world, with $9.5 billion in economic impact from it.  Taxes and regulations in California are just too high, so while the studios are there, the work is done elsewhere.

Georgia just elected a Republican as Governor and majority state legislature.

That is the will of the people of Georgia.

The state government is pushing a bill to restrict abortion to six weeks or earlier.  Like it or hate it, this is the result of the Georgia election.  If it is not what the people of Georgia want, the Republicans will lose the next round of elections and the new Democrat governor and legislature will change the law.  That is the way the process has worked in America for various topics for more than two centuries.

Now, the Hollywood elite want to crush the Georgia film industry because of this abortion bill.

Let that sink in.

The multi-millionaire Hollywood celebrity glitterati want to hurt the working class of the film industry – grips and set workers, stunt men, and prop artists who live in Georgia, not the stars who live in Malibu – because Georgia doesn’t support murdering unborn children.

These people drove the film industry out of California by supporting insane tax and spend policies, now they want to kill it in another state because of abortion.

And you wonder why I frequently refer to the French Revolution.

Here is the super-wealthy elite in one state trying to ruin the lives of working class people in another state, on the other side of the country because they, the elite, think they know better.

Of course, the irony here is that many of the people in the Georgia film industry are Left leaning so it’s Radical Lefties hurting mostly other Lefties.

This is such incredible hubris it is hard to behold.

I wonder how the people of Georgia would take to Hollywood harming $9.5 billion of their economy.

Do you honestly think they will say “you are right, we will allow partial birth abortion if you just start filming here again.”

Or would they start fantasizing about erecting the guillotine to use against the Red Carpet interlopers?


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Hollywood really wants this national divorce”
  1. If they want a divorce, let San Francisco to San Diego and inland to the central valley, form their own country and leave the rest of us alone.

    1. Any such process will need to be carefully designed to avoid having the problem (utter domination of a large area by a dense urban core) simply multiplied.

      Then again depending on one’s political leanings, that might be a feature not a bug.

  2. They wouldn’t fantasize about a guillotine, rope, tar and feathers would be put to use. Fantasize my ass… LOL

  3. You’ve put more thought into it than any woke dancing monkey ever did.
    Don’t forget that most Hollywood types aren’t exactly smart- watch any episode of Celebrity Jeopardy. They glom onto leftwing causes because that’s what they’re expected to do* if they ever want to work in that town again.

    So, they could really care less what happens to all the little people they usually ignore and condescend to during film shoots.

    *and pork whatever power player needed to get the part

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