Home Invasions are getting riskier…

For the bad guys.

 HOUSTON – Police say a husband opened fire on two home invasion suspects as they tried to hold his wife at gunpoint overnight.
This happened around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday at a home in in southeast Houston near Scott and Airport.
According to the Houston Police Department, the husband managed to shoot one of the suspects in the head.
Investigators said it all started when the man’s wife pulled into their driveway Tuesday night. Then the two armed suspects jumped out and tried to rob her.
First, they took her purse, and then they tried to force her into the house. However, that is when her husband showed up.
He heard the commotion from inside, grabbed his gun and ended up exchanging gunfire with the intruders.

Husband shoots home invasion suspect holding wife at gunpoint

You gotta love happy endings. Kudos to hubby for awareness and accuracy.

And he better get the gun he wants for Christmas.


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