No, seriously. you have read the stories how Delta is affecting so many people, the poor medical personnel is just exhausted and cannot continue like this anymore, right? Crying their eyes dry because all the little children affected by Chink Flu

And then this crap again:

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Masked ballet dancer puts on spontaneous ‘moment of pure joy’ in lobby at Utah Hospital | WZTV (
“Why are there so many Covid Deniers out there?”
“Because you fucking fuel them with your actions, that is why.”

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By Miguel.GFZ

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9 thoughts on ““Hospital Staff overwhelmed by COVID cases!” Part Two: Electric Bogaloo.”
  1. Remember the nurse who claimed she wore diapers and crapped herself because she didn’t have time to use the bathroom? All at the same time the choreographed dance numbers were coming out.

  2. I also remember the “nurse” who recently claimed her hospital was overrun with Covid patients, which caused the mainstream news to run with the story, only for it to come out that she wasn’t a nurse in a hospital, but was actually a veterinarian.

  3. Or the time when CBS twice ran stories, weeks apart, about American hospitals being overrun, when in fact they used footage from an Italian hospital, because the American hospitals weren’t overrun. CBS was so arrogant that they used the exact same footage for both fake stories.

    Or the time NBC ran a story about hospitals being overrun, and was forced to use hospital staff and news crew to fill in as patients, because the hospital wasn’t overrun.

    Or the time that NYC hospitals were overrun, but the nursing staff found time to leave the patients and appear on the street in front of the hospital to cheer on the BLM rioters during the Floyd protests.

  4. I have a good friend who was a hospital administrator for 35 years. He told me some things directly applicable to the “hospitals are overwhelmed” BS. 1- Hospitals are supposed to be nearly full. That’s the business model and everything they do on the staffing and patient recruitment side (yes, that’s a thing) is designed for that goal. 2- They are ALWAYS very close to capacity in flu season. That’s normal. But when the disease becomes a political football, normal no longer exists. Now it’s bloody Armageddon. 3- Bed counts are directly linked to staffing. If the hospital doesn’t have staff to support a bed, it is not counted as available. 4- Hospitals everywhere are seriously understaffed these days, and have been so for several years. It’s not related to the Kung Flu, although the hospitals that told everyone but Kung Flu patients to stay home last year stepped on their own schlongs big-time. They ended up nearly empty for weeks, if not months, and had to lay off staff. That reduced the number of available beds. Whoopsie.

    The hospitals have been among the most dishonest institutions throughout this manufactured crisis. They have lied about nearly everything. Act accordingly.

    1. The local hospital system St. Charles Health is this to the nth degree. Costs so high insurers won’t write individual health insurance policies here and constant battles over staffing including multiple nurse’s union strikes. Of course the administrators and doctors make bank but everyone else gets squeezed by stratospheric housing costs, killer hours and exploitive management creating a death spiral. They are always overworked and understaffed and can’t recruit more people because they have poisoned the well.

    2. Winner!

      The question that is never asked is: “What is your normal occupancy?”

      Scary headline: “Hospitals are nearing capacity with over 60% of the ICU beds full.”
      Reality: If I owned a hospital, and the hospital administration left 40% of their assets unused, I would fire the lot of them and bring in someone who knows how to generate revenue.

      A hospital bed that goes unused is an opportunity to earn revenue lost. Unlike retail, your stock ceases to have value if it goes empty. You have the opportunity to sell that shirt tomorrow, but you cannot sell a hospital bed that went empty yesterday.

  5. Back in May 2020 at the height of the Chinese Coronavirus epidemic, the MN Hospital Association said they were losing $30 Million Plus per DAY. About a Billion Dollars a Month. A biilion dollars in Minnesota, a relatively small state, how much Nationwide?

    How many of those “revenue losses” were cancers untreated, knees and hips not replaced, heart surgeries undone? How many were deaths not prevented?

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