There is a long running joke in the gun community that “my safety is between my ears.” The idea being that if you follow the the four rules religiously if there is an unintended discharge it will not harm anybody or anything.

One of the most important rules in this is to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Messing around with the trigger of any loaded and cocked firearm is an invitation for an unintended discharge.

This Houston man has created a device that fits around the trigger with enough “meat” behind the trigger to keep the trigger from moving back past the break point.

At first glance, this looks like a sort of neat second safety. Or a method to add a safety to a firearm that doesn’t have a safety.

Consider your old SAA Colt revolver. Push this device over the trigger and now you have to remove the device before you can do most anything. Sounds good. It might even work on some firearms.

Where it fails is on all firearms that can be cocked with the trigger forward. And hopefully you don’t end up breaking your firearm by attempting to cock it while the device prevents the trigger from moving backwards.

But let’s take as our example the wonderful Glock. You want that “extra” bit of safety. So you slap in a mag, cock the weapon and it is now “hot” As you attempt to push this device around the trigger it goes a little wrong and “BANG!” there is a new hole. Hopefully not in anything you care about.

Assuming you did manage to get this thing on your Glock you hear a bang in the night from downstairs. You grab your Glock and need to remove the device. You attempt to push it out with your trigger finger and “BANG!” Your pistol goes off because your finger pushed the device off the trigger and then continued in to press the trigger proper.

No gun safety device should ever be used around a trigger when a depression of said trigger would cause the gun to fire. Just don’t do it.

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2 thoughts on “Houston man creates new gun safety device to increase negligent discharges”
  1. Looks like that would need to compress Glock-type trigger safeties to be applied. So you would be at best swapping built in safety for an add-on. No thanks.
    I think a trigger guard cover or something similar would accomplish the same purpose with a lot less risk.

  2. First scenario could be avoided by not loading the chamber. There is no reason this device cannot be placed on the trigger of an empty semi auto pistol, then insert magazine and chamber the round. Nothing preventing you from swapping mags or cycling the slide when the trigger is immobilized.
    However, removing it from a gun that is ready to fire, nope. No way to do that safely.

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