Hero cop rushed to Texas massacre school from barber’s with shotgun to rescue 20 kids including his daughter, eight, after wife who teaches there texted him saying: ‘There’s an active shooter. Help’

An off-duty border patrol agent has told how he evacuated children including his own eight-year-old daughter from Robb Elementary School, armed with a shotgun he had grabbed from his barber’s as he left to dash to the site.

Jacob Albarado, a father of three, received a text message from his wife Trisha – a fourth grade math and science teacher at the school – when he was in the barber’s chair.

‘There’s an active shooter,’ she said. ‘Help. I love you.’

Albarado leapt up and grabbed a shotgun the barber lent him, and rushed to the school.

Albarado then led his colleagues to evacuate as many children and teachers as possible, including his own daughter.

‘I’m looking for my daughter, but I also know what wing she’s in,’ he said.

‘So I start clearing all the classes in her wing.’

A madman threatened his daughter.  He borrowed a shotgun and went to fucking work.

I’m pretty sure being a cop was ancillary.  A madman was threatening his little girl.

The cops who didn’t have kids stood around in full tactical gear with their thumbs up their asses.

The cop with his kid in trouble borrowed a stranger’s scattercannon and ran towards danger in a t-shirt.

The biggest shame of this entire catastrophe was the police barring the parents from entering the school.

Fuck the cops, just let dads with guns respond.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “How a man reacts when he has skin in the game”
  1. I would have loved to hear the conversation between the BP guy and the deadbeat cops standing around. I hope told them to go fuck themselves as he walked into that school.

  2. it sad, because that was how men used to react to shit like that. step up and stop it. you might fail , but if you don’t even try ?
    how can you look at yourself in a mirror to shave ?

    1. Yep. Few remember that the civilians were the ones who kept the Texas Clocktower shooter pinned down, not the cops. A heavily armed civilian response. From guns in their vehicles and in their domiciles.

      Yes, people ran away, but many ran towards. That has always, until relatively recently, been the American Way. Charge towards the sounds of musketry.

  3. Letting dads and moms with guns respond, yes. Better still, let teachers keep guns on their person while in the classroom, so there isn’t a mass shooting in the first place.

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