He’s using every tool at his disposal to fuck us.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “How about them gas prices?”
  1. All F. Joe Biden had to do was follow President Trump Energy Plan. Instead he cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline, cancelled all permits and new leases on Federal Lands, Cancelled ANWR Exploration and put out the word by his actions that US Energy Exploration was D-E-A-D Dead in the first weeks of his mis-Administration.

    Would that have kept oil prices the same as in 2021? No, but they would be lots lower with 800,000 BPD from KeystoneXL, and how many millions from US Fracking wells. Better yet, the US would still be energy independent, and World oil prices would be much lower. Lower oil prices, and more supply means Russia has less income from their oil because they sell less oil, and sell it for less money too. Less income means Putin’s government has to spend on the necessities, with less for the Russian military. A few short years ago Putin was short of Russian Taxes and was cancelling ships, tanks, and aircraft.

    Less Oil income, and could Russia even afford to invade Ukraine?

  2. Typical Joe Biden, Always wrong:

    Cancels Keystone XL Pipeline

    Removes all the Trump Sanctions on the Russian Nordstream 2 Gas Pipeline to Germany. Trump stopped the pipeline completion and then Joe allowed Russia to complete it.

    Then F. Joe cancels the East Med Pipeline to bring Israeli Natural Gas to Europe to compete with Russian Natural Gas.


    Who is the Russian Stooge?

  3. Instead of building back better, how about just putting it back the way you found it.
    I would be happy with that.

  4. Won’t Xi get jealous, with Jhiao Bribem nuzzling Mr. Putin’s junk, instead of Xi’s?

    Oh, well. At least The Big Guy will get his 10%. And, no mean tweets, so, that’s nice…..

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