The president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen, announced his resignation Friday, the latest in a series of high-profile departures at the anti-hate organization that have come amid allegations of misconduct and workplace discrimination.

The departure will mark the end of an era at the Montgomery, Ala., nonprofit, whose staff had recently raised questions about whether the organization’s long-standing mission of justice and anti-discrimination — which had yielded hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from the public — had matched its internal treatment of some black and female employees.

Southern Poverty Law Center chief Richard Cohen announces resignation amid internal upheaval

SPLC has been the pure and shinning beacon of “righteousness” upon the racists and bigots across the nation, or at least they were till they decided they liked money and figured out that if they targeted conservative figures and groups, the Big Wallet Lefties would shower them with donations.

It is not till the endo of the article when you start to gleam what has been happening for a long time inside SPLC:

Following Horton’s announcement, a group of about two dozen employees signed a letter to management and to the board saying they were concerned that internal “allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism threaten the moral authority of this organization and our integrity along with it.”

So they were acting like Liberal Democrats or Hollywood Producers. Nothing new there. However, this apparently is nothing new but somehow it has been kept unchecked and under wraps for whatever reasons you may guess. Prior to Cohen resigning, he fired the cofounder of SPLC Morris Dee and according to at least one former insider ,. there were plenty of reasons:

Stephen Bright, a Yale law professor and former director of the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta, has long questioned what he calls the center’s “fraudulent” fundraising.

“The chickens have had a very long trip, but they finally came home to roost,” Bright said.

“Morris is a flimflam man and he’s managed to flimflam his way along for many years raising money by telling people about the Ku Klux Klan and hate groups,” he said. “He sort of goes to whatever will sell and has, of course, brought in millions and millions and millions of dollars.”

While the SPLC funded some good work, Bright said, he had long heard complaints about race discrimination and sexual harassment from the center’s former attorneys and interns.

“It’s remarkable,” he said, “how many people who have worked at the center have not spoken very well of the center after they left.”

Southern Poverty Law Center fires co-founder Morris Dees amid employee uproar

It seems SPLC, for all te good once did,  lost is moral compass and ended up a Whited Sepulcher.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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One thought on “How bad are the scandals inside The Southern Poverty Law Center ?”
  1. Miguel,
    Thanks for this analysis. I always thought these guys were wearing masks for the ignorant leftists who supported them.

    By the way, thanks for the “whited sepulchers” reference. I never heard of that one before, so I had to look it up. Very apt!

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