How dare you say the Migrant Caravan is a prepared show?

I just saw this video in Twitter. It is weeks old when the Honduran migrants were breaking through the border with Mexico.
What caught my attention was the guy in the bullhorn telling the photo journalist what pictures to take.
Fake News much?

I have been told of videos where you can hear the “migrants” cussing the US because they are not allowed in. Normally I would have ignored the accusations, but with all the crap going on and the decades of socialist indoctrination in Latin America, I do believe it is possible. Back in my youth I got tired of seeing the mental disconnect of people wearing Levi’s and Nikes while protesting Capitalism and denouncing US consumerism.

One Reply to “How dare you say the Migrant Caravan is a prepared show?”

  1. Notice how none of the protesters were crowding or lined up at the fence? I am surprised that more “peaceful immigrants” weren’t injured by the ricochets and short rocks. One at 18 seconds hit the man in front of the videographer.

    And when they try that with our CBP, they should be happy all they get back is only tear gas. Rocks and bottles can and will cause bodily injury or death. I’d like to see the talking idiots on TV lined up beside the CBP for fifteen minutes during one of these shitstorms. They would run away screaming.

    (Getting rocks thrown at you as an eight year old leaves a lasting impression.)

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