Moms Demand’s Persuasion: The Slightly Pro-Gun Article

Moms Demand Action (MDA) has a way of using fear in most of its posts.

On an article over Oklahoma’s three new gun bills in legislation is pretty straightforward and the article suggests these bills will make us be at a greater risk of guns becoming violent. (Shout out to Colion Noir’s #SteelWaiting movement where gun owners wait for their guns to suddenly attack someone).


The three bills MDA lists and describes:

H.J.R. 1009, which would call into question almost every gun law in the state;

This bill literally changes the state constitution to say “The right of each individual to keep and to bear arms . . . shall not be infringed. Any regulation of this right shall be subject to strict scrutiny”. So, this bill reinforces Shall Not Be Infringed. So when THE constitution, THE Bill of Rights says it, people feel free to infringe. But when a state constitution says it, people finally understand what it means? It is infuriating that the sentence about any regulations will be subject to strict scrutiny. Shall not be infringed should mean exactly what it says. However, that separate sentence will make it absolutely clear that this right is to be taken seriously. It would be great for schools to not be gun free zones, as this article suggests HJR 1009 would lead to. But there will still be a process to go through to undo that.

This bill, which will be up to a public vote in November, does not abolish the permit system as some media outlets have said. It is possible that the bill will lend a hand in that outcome, but the bill itself simply rewords the state constitution in a clear manner for those who question the great documents from the 1700’s.

Also, I shortened out all of the technicalities of what weapons are included. Feel free to read it yourself.

S.B. 1185, which would allow visitors to Oklahoma to openly carry firearms in the state without so much as a permit or training;

This is a great reciprocity bill. With an out-of-state driver’s license for a state where permitless carry is allowed, someone is allowed to carry here under the same constraints. That’s a win. It’s great for out-of-state visitors who have not purchased licenses just to go out of state often or only once a year.

H.B. 3098, which would eliminate the state’s requirement that Oklahoma residents have a permit before openly carrying a handgun in public.

True statement there. No falsifying going on here, actually. Just a bit of them saying that permitless carry is bad. That’s their opinion. I have no problem with them saying their piece.

Now, how do they suggest action? There is a “Join Us”, “Donate”, and “Become a gun sense voter” button. That last one takes you to a page to sign up and whatnot. The article ends with saying the legislation is too dangerous to pass by silently. Silently? I have seen a lot of news coverage on these bills, and have been following HB 3098 since Feburary 11. More fear tactics I suppose.

Later in the article is this nugget “S.B. 1185 would grant more freedom to openly carry handguns in public to out-of-state residents than Oklahoma currently grants to its own citizens.” Yes, someone from a less intrusive state would technically have more freedom. Yes, that’s a problem- because I would love the same freedoms of mine to not be tread on.

I mentioned fear tactics a little bit here. This article uses it in the title, and at the end. Reading past that, I found the article enlightening and made me love these bills more. It had slightly notions of the bills being bad, but no more than regular news reports. They remained [mostly] factual on the bills, and explained what each one would do and what it could lead to- more FREEDOM.


Thanks for reading, and thanks MDA for the off-hand support.

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