A buddy of mine sent me this he got off the Zuckerberg privacy invasion network Facebook.

I don’t even know where to begin with this.

I went to an Episcopal school from the 6th through 12th grade.  I was taught all about the Christan duty to help others.  But other people need to want to be helped.  Kinnunen went into that Church in disguise with a shotgun to cause some shit and kill people, not seek shelter and redemption.

This post victim blames the parishioners there for apparently not being Christian enough to offer the gunman sanctuary and salvation.  Considering that Kinnunen shot the first person who talked to him, I can’t blame them.

After Kinnunen shot and killed two people (one was wounded and died later) it was not a safe assumption to make that he was just going to walk away and not harm anybody else.  Saying that “Kinnunen killed everyone he was going to and should just be allowed to mosey on out of the Church” is an insane proposition.

Wilson is not a murderer, he is a hero.  Nothing in the Abrahamic tradition that prohibits self-defense or the defense of others.  There is nothing Christian about watching as a madman guns down a church full of parishioners.

Wilson did not endanger anybody else in the church.  Even the anti-gun media had to begrudgingly admit that Wilson was a hero – even if they had to constantly remind everyone that he had the magic fairy dust of government sprinkled on him for a few years in the 1980s.

To reverse the situation to make Wilson the mad gunman and Kinnunen a victim who was treated poorly by the Church is unmoored from both reality and morality.

This is a level of anti-gun and anti-CCW that I didn’t know it was possible to achieve but apparently someone did.

I just want to know how someone so disconnected from reality is allowed to go around unmedicated.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “How is this much crazy allowed to walk around unmedicated?”
  1. Peter Fritz is a complete idiot, a dem and someone who likes to revise history to agree with his stupid ideas

  2. Actually reading your whole post I would have to say that that’s actually quite normal for that kind of mindset. They hate guns, hate gun owners, want all guns banned, confiscated by force and want all gun owners exterminated. And it enrages them but they can’t have that happen. At least not until at least 2026. I’d say more like 2028 when gun ownership is punishable by execution without trial and the government literally starts exterminating large portions of the population for owning guns; as long as they’re white.

    To them the concept of a good guy with a gun simply doesn’t exist. To them EVERY gun owner is mentally ill violent menace to society (obvious projection) where there mere desire to own and possess firearms should disqualify them from even having firearms. Or in some cases being allowed to live. To them firearm ownership makes us unworthy of life. I keep saying they want every single gun owner in the country exterminated because they really actually do want that. It’s just most are not insane enough even now to say it out loud. Give it a few more years. And that a lawful gun owner was able to stop a mass shooting from happening causes their little NPC minds to seize up. Because they have no counter they lash out.Because there is no such thing as a good guy with a gun he is a murderer. And it makes it even worse he stopped the mass shooting because they have less bodies and blood to dance up on and it makes their position look bad. They want more bodies to use as props to push more gun control. They were denied. They were denied in the exact way that we talk about. And they can’t stand it.

  3. The left / progressives / socialists / etc. simply cannot let the fact of a good man with a gun, go unopposed.

  4. The guy who made that post is essentially claiming that the evil church shooter was an innocent victim because the parishioners fought back and Mr. Wilson, bona fide Texas Hero, Stopped him permanently. That person is either insane or merely morally unhinged.

  5. Let me quote Larry Correia:
    I just read through a long thread involving internet randos crying about the Texas church shooting. I didn’t respond there because life is too short and I’ve got books to write, but what I learned from these Dunning-Krugerands today was:

    1. Other countries don’t ever have mass shootings. Only us. (lol wut?)
    2. People who don’t understand Christianity at all have very strong opinions about how actual Christians are doing it wrong.
    3. There wouldn’t be violence anymore if there were no guns.
    4. Someone actually felt bad for the killer, because the hero referred to him as “evil” afterwards and that’s apparently “unchristian” (which I suppose is a variant of #2, but is notable in its stupidity)
    5. Though none of them came out and actually said it, you can tell they were kinda bummed this event didn’t fit their preferred narrative and turn into a massacre of helpless people.
    6. Only cops are professional enough to have guns (no UPS drivers could be reached for comment)
    7. This only worked this one time because the armed civilian in this case was special because he was a “gun instructor” and was retired FBI and you can safely assume that all other “ammosexuals” are awful.

  6. You know, if Wilson carried a gun in church for ten years for the express purpose of murdering people, he was abysmally bad at it, because he never murdered a single person that entire time. Self-defense is not “murder.”

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