I have to agree with the comment in this Tweet:

This looks bad:

It appears as though the Chinese military is about to siege Hong Kong with ground forces.

If the Chinese military mounts a full operation to pacify Hong Kong, I cannot imagine what the death toll will be.

You want to know why our Founding Fathers enshrined in the Constitution the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?

This is why.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “How many in Hong Kong wish they had an AR-15 right about now”
  1. China’s government is completely evil. Are they going to be able to get away with another big massacre this time? They aren’t going to be able to lock every bit of information from getting out this time around.

  2. I sympathize with the Hongs. China is a despotic empire that has remained so for nearly all its history, and now they’ve set their sights on a defenseless population.

    Thing is… that’s their problem, not ours. They could’ve gone down the path to freedom on their own for so long and they didn’t.

    The origins of the United States is that we are separate from the rest of the world’s problems. European monarchy games? Not our game. Middle East on fire again? They burned themselves. Asiatic countries at each other’s throats again? Our hand ain’t in there.

    I know that this attitude allows for the world to burn while we eat popcorn n watch, but if we’re not the world’s police, then we’re not their nanny either.
    Just my 2¢. Thoughts?

    1. At the very least we can speak up for freedom.
      It’s too bad the law probably gets in the way of organizing a privately funded delivery of a million Liberators; they would now cost a bit more than $1 each but not a whole lot more. (The same goes for Venezuela.)

  3. Since CNN and MSNBC have already sided with China since they oppose Trump I wonder how they’re going to put a positive spin on 1/3rd of the population of Hong Kong being killed. Since the media is in support of China and their actions they must support China going in and killing a bunch of Hong Kong civilians because Trump opposes it.

    A part of me thinks of the Chinese want to invade Hong Kong and kill a bunch of civilians because it would hurt their economy; doing this on purpose to hurt the United States economy to lessen trumps reelection chances. But that sounds like insane hyperbole. But I always Bring up things that sound like insane hyperbole

  4. I have been…Soured and Hardened.
    1-I don’t care about HK.
    2-I am Drowning and Fed Up with Protest” (No Matter the Cause)
    3-This is distracting from “Our Problems” (the communist take over of the U.S. from within by our own)
    4-Why should I care? Protest’s in the US are only allowed by commies in the U.S. along with there allowed Violence. (Christ, Straight people can’t even have there day or …..•Parade”
    5-Epstein can No Longer Speak !
    American and Global Power Pedo’s are not only about to walk but gain. Pizzagate may have been a MEME, but the underlying story is/was quite real!!

    The only Positive thing I see from this…HK Distraction.
    Pay Attention and Learn, you can bet “The American (traitorous) Politician is! And they will emulate it.

    Fighting(Commies) Everywhere gets US No-Where. (Spread to thin)
    As is evidenced by U.S. GWOT Doctrine.

    Focus, Destroy,Eradicate, Move on.

    Keep your own house clean.
    And Our House is a Pig Sty infested with True Evil(the nastiest communists the world IS going to see)

    The sure bet…Our Communists will make Histories Communists look like Choir Boys.

  5. Are Satellite Phones legal and allowed in China? Because I have a feeling that the Hong Kong and maybe the entire Chinese Internet is about to mysteriously go down for about a week. Will they simultaneously take down the phone system too? I wonder if anyone there still have modems?

    More thoughts. I am probably wrong. If they do this, they will have to take down every HongKong Bank, Brokerage, and Corporate HQ for the duration of the emergency. No Communication means no business. This will create an even bigger emergency as a significant portion of the entire Asian and World Economy is paralyzed.

    If they do try to crush the protests, it won’t be a massacre and arrests of a few thousand idealistic students in a Beijing Square in one night. They will have to take an entire metropolis scattered over several islands and bays, and either kill, arrest or neutralize at least a million people. How many weeks did it take the Nazis to neutralize a small patch of Warsaw called the Jewish Ghetto?

    The Chinese Communists may try. Will they succeed? Will the Politburo survive? Will China? Will the world economy go into depression?

    1. The Warsaw Polish Jews managed to get some small amount of arms to make things a little more lively for the Germans.
      IDK, and no one else does, how many people in HK managed to do the same since the English were as gun-control slap-happy as the Chinese.

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