I cannot describe the level of hate I have for New Hampshire.

I have been blocked or muted on social media by most of the Libertarian legislators of the state for asking why they can’t do anything to lower housing prices, but they can pass bullshit like legalizing their right to carry concealed in chambers.

I’m all for CCW, you guys know that.  But it strikes me as utter bullshit that the Legislators can celebrate expanding their ease of access while the rest of us can barely afford to live here.

Let me break down the problem.

In Illinois, I made $85,000 per year and my wife made $43,000.  Our house was 1,700 sq-ft, two-bed, 2,5-bath, cost $147,000 and we paid $1,450 in mortgage.

In Alabama, I made $95,000 per year and my wife made $45,000.  Our house was 2,800 sq-ft, four-bed, three-bath, cost $237,000 and we paid $1,450 in mortgage.

In North Carolina, I made $130,000 per year, my wife made $75,000.  Our house was 3,000 sq-ft, four-bed, four-(full) bath, cost $440,000 and we paid $1,850 in mortgage.

We moved to New Hampshire.

I make $140,000 per year, my wife made $75,000.  Our house is 1,800 sq-ft, three-bed, 2.5 bath, cost $545,000 and we are paying $3,350 in rent, which is break even for the mortgage of our landlord (they are making 3% on us).

Then throw in the cost of utilities.

Everywhere else, I was paying $300 to $400 per month, including the dead of winter.

Better New Hampshire having the second highest electricity prices (after California) and heating oil, I’m doing $1,000 per month in utilities.

I’ve never made so much money and had so high a cost of living.

I’ve never been richer and but I’m poorer than ever.

In Illinois, Alabama, and North Carolina, all of our homes were in developments that were built on old farmland that the farmers sold to the developers.

In New Hampshire, I looked at buying a farm to keep 5 acres for myself and sell off the remaining 95 acres to a developer.

I couldn’t.  Legally, I couldn’t.  I was prohibited from breaking up a farm.

Property taxes here are insane.

The property taxes on the house I live in are over $11,000 per year.

The New Hampshire libertarians say “but you have no income tax.”

Fuck you very much.  My property taxes here are MORE than my combined property taxes and joint state income tax for my wife and I, in either Alabama or North Carolina.

I’m actually paying more in state taxes, just it comes out my rent (and my landlord’s mortgage) than directly out of my paycheck.

That leads to something called conservatorship.

Let’s say you own a bunch of land but don’t want to pay property taxes.

You take the land you’re not using and you place it in conservatorship, let it go unused, and you don’t pay taxes on it.

So you own 10 or 20 acres but you only pay taxes on one or two where your house is.

If you ever want to use that land, say develop on it, you have to pay back taxes from when it went under conservatorship.

That means to build new, houses are almost unaffordable because the cost of the house must include potentially millions in back taxes.

The result is the few new construction homes in the area are million dollar mansions.

This gives people with land the ability to have the benefit of owning 10 or 20 acres and not have neighbors encroaching on their home, but not having to pay property taxes on having a 10 or 20 acre buffer zone around your home.

There are other ways to lower your property taxes.

If your property was an old farm and you have an old barn or old farmhouse, you can get an easement on the taxes if you preserve the old building.

That makes new construction on old lots almost impossible because you can’t build a development around an old barn.

The entire seacoast region has lots of land in private hands that either due to taxes or zoning is undevelopable.

This is in stark contrast to The South, where they put up developments as fast as they can air nail them together.

When I complain to the Libertarian legislatures about this, how ridiculous it is that a tiny piece of shit home is bank-breakingly expensive, the answer I get is “live free or die.”

Essentially it’s “I got mine, fuck you.”

“I bought my house and land years ago and my property value is increasing exponentially, so fuck you, I’m not going to do anything to make it cheaper for you to afford a house.”

A few told me to move away from the seacoast.

That’s fucking helpful.  Make by buying a cheaper property with a 200 mile commute per day.

This is exactly the same problem they have in California.  The only difference is the Leftists out there use bullshit woke excuses (like preserving the local minority community) instead of Libertarian excuses to make sure the people who bought decades ago get to enjoy skyrocketing property values by preventing new construction of homes affordable by the middle-class.

The people who can’t afford the ridiculous prices have four hour commutes, and even those homes are becoming obscene.

I’ve asked the Libertarian capitalists: “if the price of houses is so high, shouldn’t there be a rush to build new homes due to supply and demand economics?  Since there is not, something must be stopping that.”

That’s about the time I get blocked or muted.

Because they are all about Libertarianism until it means a development going up near where they live that lowers their property value by reducing the scarcity of houses.

They got in on the ground floor and pulled up the ladder behind them.

I was a capitalist in the South, where new house construction made it possible for a guy like me to buy a decent house at a reasonable price so I could enjoy a nice quality of life.

New Hampshire Libertarianism has frozen me out of that.

I’m fucked by the rules they created.

Now I’m inclined towards Bolshevism.  If you made it so you could buy a house then made it so I couldn’t buy a house so your house increases in value, I want to take your house away.

Seize the conservatorships and auction them to developers.

I went from hating Kelo v. New London to wanted to Kelo the fuck out of people’s unused property so developers can build middle-class developments.

I hate this about me but I feel like the “Live free or die” Libertarians have given me no choice.

Make it unaffordable to live somewhere and then tell people you won’t help them by making affordable to live and see how they respond.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “How moving to a Libertarian state is turning me into a Bolshevik”
  1. The causes – restrictions on property use, strange taxes and exemptions, and the like – don’t sound very libertarian to me. More fake-libertarian – but then the Libertarian Party has been fake-libertarian for a long time, having veered into a bizarre mixture of authoritarian and libertine positions.
    We have a chunk of land (in TN) that’s currently taxed at next to nothing because it’s in agricultural use; if we eventually decide to develop it, we’ll have to pay something like a year of back taxes, not many years. Sounds like the NH ruling class is very much playing the “we got ours, and we’ll use the power of the State to keep you upstarts from doing the same” game – much like what’s been going on for decades around the prosperous parts of CA.

  2. Something seems odd – as in, way off – about the rent payment. The house valuation is 23% more (545k vs 440k) but the rent payment is 81% more than your mortgage was. So unless your landlord has a much worse interest rate on his mortgage than you did, how is he only making 3% off you? Or are you also including the property tax?

    1. Property tax is $1,000/mo + 6.5% interest. But put that up against the fact that I lost more that 1/3 the house I had in NC and my NC house had a detached shop and it’s a horrendous loss in value.

  3. As I said Sir, welcome to the northeast. I think every blue collar worker up here should move south and take thier job with them. When the beautiful people have noone to fix thier crap maybe, just maybe the light bulb will go on.

  4. My personal rules include not living where the government/citizens/living expenses suck. If you were getting more for less in your previous states, why move to the northsuckeast?

    1. A job offer I couldn’t sat no to, not realizing how bad it is here. I lived in Chicago, how bad could it be. Worse than Chicago.

  5. Oh, and you need to come visit me when the weather is better- Im about 3 hours north of ya.-we can tune up the hippies with some fullauto fun. I have a range on my property… stay warm n “get a generator “ heh heh heh

  6. Im not sure about NH, here in Maine the guv decided during covid landlords couldnt evict you for non payment of rent.people stopped paying rent AND the guv was paying out “stay home money “..Now that things are “normal “ the rent price here rivals california… landlords along with other small businesses got royally screwed during and after covid. They have to make up losses somehow. NH brags no state income tax no sales tax so gubmint has to get money somehow… and “live free or die” is a quaint olde expression….

  7. Welcome to the north east where everything is 50%-100% of NYC prices for 25%-50% of NYC salaries.
    You also live on the sea coast which is both extremely touristy and extremely Richie rich. You basically are living in Chicago or NYC cost of living wise. I’ll also add if you are only spending $1k a month in utilities to include heating oil, that ain’t too bad, and you should see CT. If it was a bad winter I’d be doing $1k a month (at current prices) in just oil and all of our electric rates doubled this year… Don’t get me wrong its a travesty anywhere an were all getting fucked, I’m just getting it a little harder on that currently. No of us are winning.
    Also when are you comparing numbers from? 10-15 years ago? I know some of your numbers are more recent but you can’t compare 10-15 years ago to today. Hell you can’t even compare 5 years ago without accounting for the insanity of the markets and inflation. I’m think things are more comparable than your numbers indicate.
    I had detailed conservatorship/current use in a prior comment. It is preserve the natural beauty and prevent development. Seems like it is working as intended. But yea there probably should be a once a decade or once every 5 year review where land owners are allowed to move x number of acres out with minimal to no tax penalty. Generally I’d say industrial development would suite NH better in the long run; housing and living development would follow that and help reduce the typical one hour plus commute as well as bring in some better jobs.
    Also is there a sense of irony here? Haven’t you bitched about people from the north moving to the south and northifying the south? Aren’t you looking to of the same?
    Ill trade no sales tax and no income tax for exactly what I pay in taxes today and just about every one of the govs fingers removed from my ass.

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